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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Meridian Order of ICMCI

The Meridian Order is a cadre within ICMCI recognising those who have contributed significantly to the development or success of ICMCI but have not held any formal office or position.

Members of the Meridian Order

Name Date Citation

Zhao Tianle, CMC
People’s Republic of China




October 6, 2011





In recognition of the dedication in launching nation-wide professional examination for management consultants in China, supporting the healthy development of management consulting industry in China, promoting ICMCI activities and CMC certification in China, and opening channels for communication and collaboration between international and Chinese consultants.

Nick Shepherd, CMC,








October 6, 2011








In recognition of the selfless, professional and, above all, valued contribution to the standards, philosophy and practice of ICMCI.  The Competence Framework, the reciprocity arrangements, the quality assurance fundamentals and practice are all considerably richer for Nick's contribution.  Two schemes (ACP and ATP) would be incomplete without his efforts, and advice to PSC and QAC has been constant, apposite and always available. Nick has over many years assisted new Institutes form and join ICMCI, and there are many CMCs today who would not have had the opportunity without his efforts.

Gabriel Al-Salem, CMC






October 6, 2011







In the Central Asian Region, ICMCI has been particularly active due to the energy and efforts of Gabriel Al-Salem, CMC, who was the Regional Director of the Business Advisory Services Program of the Central Asian Region. His efforts while in his EBRD role, have led to the formation of associations of consulting in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, and the certification and training of consultants in this region. For ICMCI, it is recognised that this work has been commendable and of pioneering nature.

Heather Osler




September 10, 2009

In recognition of tireless enthusiasm and support for the improvement of the international representation of the management consulting profession.  Amongst so many involvements, the development of the Institutes within both the Caribbean and Kazakhstan are a significant legacy for ICMCI from Heather Osler's commitment to ICMCI."
Peter Thomas, CMC
United Kingdom
September 10, 2009 In recognition of the significant influence on all that ICMCI stands for through the definition of our competence framework, the sharing of the concepts that Peter derived to produce the Accredited Consulting Practice concept, and above all, the design lead and improvement of the Quality Assurance process".


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