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Article European Hub Meeting

The European Hub meeting, Bucharest, March 18th-19th, 2010
By: Sorin Caian, Euro Hub chair

ICMCI made an important step forward at this year EuroHub meeting.

With 25 representatives from 16 national institutes, from 4 continents, the present and future activities of ICMCI were discussed at large, insights were shared, conclusions were dropped and new business and professional connections enabled.
The Romanian Management Consultancies Association, AMCOR, was the host of the meeting and I am proud of how the events went.

Firstly, the president of AMCOR, Mr. Mihai Svasta introduced the main activities and developments of the institute. This year AMCOR celebrates 20 years of existence; many achievements were obtained in the past recent period, but there is still room for promoting the principles of professionalism and ethics on the Romanian management consultancy market.
Regarding the Romanian business environment, Mr. Aurelian Dochia, member of the board of BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, the second largest bank in Romania and member of the board in CEROPE, an economic think tank, offered to the participants a briefly introduction of the Romanian economical and political issues of the last thirty years. (It seems there are many vegetarians during crises!)

  • The last six months activity report of ExCom members was presented by Dr. Aneeta Madhok, the chairperson of ICMCI.  It was a great effort to mix together the work of all the ExCom members and offer a report including also immediate plans.
  • An interesting presentation was made by Mr. Brian Ing, on behalf of Mr. Peter Thomas, one of the two persons awarded with the Meridian Order.
  • Involving professional leader into ICMCI can be a fruitful approach of raising the number of CMCs and the quality standards.
  • Talking about awards, Mrs. Ennsfellner brought in discussion the ICMCI award topic. There is a foundation, the Constantinus award, there are people willing to take responsibility of the matter, so why not to have an ICMCI award? 
  • Also, Ilse put us through with the latest developments on CEN standard.

European Hub meeting was advanced in March due to the necessity of comments and feedback on the work of Breakthrough Strategy Group, so Mr. Wagenaar and the other colleagues within the group were offered a consistent period of time for presenting their ideas regarding how ICMCI should proceed in order to accelerate its achievements. Their report was discussed in small groups, remarks and suggestions were collected and a new draft should be ready to discuss at the new ICMCI meeting, in Jordan.

There is a constant need of ICMCI of offering more services to its members- Francesco D’Aprile and Mikael Jensen presented the attendants the GlobalCMC project, an important tool for promoting the CMCs worldwide. Issues like writing briefly papers on various topics, establishing connections with important organizations, or asking for feedback from the IMCs, are some evidences that ICMCI is becoming a more transparent organization. 

So transparent that two students from a Dutch university in Amsterdam had the opportunity of presenting to the audience their ideas regarding a dissertation paper- their initiative of benchmarking the CMCs markets found easily a support among trustees.

The need for action characterized the whole event- many of the participants took responsibility of doing or thinking on how to do a certain thing till the next meeting in Jordan. We were all impressed by our commitment! BSG report, the 12th version is on the roll!

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