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Newsletter MCC China

10th March 2010, ShinLiat led the delegation of Singapore IMC to visit China, named Study Mission.

1. Beijing Normal University

11th March, the delegation of Singapore IMC visited Beijing Normal University and had an informal meeting with MBA students.
Some leaders of MBA Center of university attended the meeting and made a brief introduction of major of management consulting opened in Beijing Normal University. The secretary-general of MCC of CEC had made a presentation about management consulting profession in China and conveyed support from MCC on the major of management consulting. Delegates of Singapore IMC had shared their experience and studies with MBA students in this profession

2. China Stone Management Consulting Group

In the morning of 12th March, the delegation of Singapore IMC visited China Stone Management Consulting Group, who had a friendly talk on the cooperation and communication with management level here. The president of China Stone Management C onsulting Group took Singaporean guests to visit the company, and hope to find further cooperation opportunities.

3. MCC of CEC

The first CMC Salon of 2010, which had a topic “Responsibility and opportunity in Post-Crisis Era”took place in China Enterprise Confederation on 12 March. Delegation of Singapore IMC was invited to the event. Shin liat made a presentation on behalf of Singapore IMC. He introduced the development of management consulting profession as well as the support from government in Singapore. In the meanwhile, Li Su, the chairman of H&J Vanguard Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Luan Yu Feng, the chairman of Jinhersoftware Co., Ltd., and many other outstanding talents took the floor respectively. Mr. ZhaoTianLe, Secretary-General of MCC China, was invited to be the emcee of the salon.
More than 60 CMCs from Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places attended this Salon.

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