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Group of 30 Certified Management Consultants (CMC) s for the first time certified in Macedonia

On 11th of May, in Skopje, Macedonia over 30 Macedonian professional consultants were awarded  Certified  Management Consultant (CMC) certificates issued by the International Board of Certified Management Consutlatns (ICMC).  This is the first ever group of CMCs certified in Macedonia, and the largest group certified through a single training and certification intervention, worldwide. 

Guests from ICMCI at the award ceremony
The Chairperson of ICMCI, Ms Aneeta Madhok and Ms Ilse Ennsfellner Austrian Vice Chairman ICMCI were honored guests on the award ceremony. They shared their experience with the consultants and with the Macedonian Consultant Association MCA 2000 presenting total support and encouragement to the process of transformance of MCA 2000 from provisional membership to full membership at ICMCI.

The certification process was initiated by the the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)s Business Advisory Service (BAS) Programme. The Programme’s aim is to help private enterprises solve their business problems through utilizing local consultants. Therefore, the continuous improvement of the quality of consultancy services and adopting international consultancy standards is one of the strategic goals of the Programme.

The certification process was co- organised by the USAID Competitiveness Project and the Macedonian Consultants Association MCA 2000.

“The CMC certification provides an indigenous management consultancy profession with acknowledgment of the highest quality consulting standards, thus increasing the capacity and capability of the economy, leads to more effective and efficient uses of key resources and acts as a key enabler to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Macedonian economy“, said EBRD BAS Programme Macedonia National Programme Director, Jovan Gavrilovski.

“With this certification effort, USAID is building the quantity and quality of local consultancy base in Macedonia, by introducing internationally recognized standards in the consultancy profession.  This is especially important in the light of need to develop projects to obtain EU pre-accession funds and to maximize the utilization of these important EU resources.  Ultimately these efforts will result in new investment, jobs and sales for Macedonian companies,” said USAID Economic Growth Office Director, Joseph Lessard. 

“Macedonian consultants organized in MCA 2000 are provisional members of ICMCI since 2003. They have recognized, early on, that the management consultancy market can be developed and enlarged by continuous improvement of individual management consultant’s skills. One of the marks of excellence is the CMC benchmark known and considered as a ‘golden standard’ among many management consulting professional certifications. MCA 2000 is proud to have 39 certified (and re-certified) management consultants which is one of the indicators of the growth of this profession in Macedonia“, said MCA 2000 president, Zivko Dimov.

39 CMCs
CMC certification represents a mark of the highest quality consulting standards and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession.  Less than 2% of the management consultants in the world have achieved this level of performance and attained the CMC title. With this certification activity, Macedonia now has a total of 39 CMCs, that is substantial enhance in capacity brining Macedonia on the map in the region, just after Romania (50 CMCs) and Bulgaria (45 CMCs).  The list of the other countries in the region is the following: Croatia (30 CMCs), Slovenia (10 CMCs), Serbia (none CMCs), Albania (none), Montenegro (none). 

The CMC certification was delivered in cooperation with the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), which is the global association of national management consulting institutes from around the world. With this certification effort completed, now MCA 2000 will move from the provisional membership to full membership at ICMCI.

Ilse Ennsfellner, Aneeta Madhok, Anton Barisic, Zivko Dimov

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