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CEN Standard

CEN Standard Management Consultancy Services - comments also from non European countries required!

The draft of the European standard for "Management Consultancy Services" has been sent to CEN in February 2010 and is now published for public comments within a six months period. The European ICMCI members will give their comments via their national Standards Institutes. The next meeting of the PC 381 Project Committee to evaluate the comments of the draft standard is planned for December 2010. The publication of the standard is expected in 2011.

All non European ICMCI members worldwide have now the opportunity to contribute to this process of public enquiry. Please send your comments of the CEN standard "Management Consultancy Services" within the next two months, using the portal as described below. The Austrian Standards Institute provides the facility, collects the comments from non-European ICMCI members and submits them to the Project Committee.

Procedure for submitting comments:
The Draft European Standard prEN 16114 „Management consultancy services” is available for public comments from 1. July 2010 to 31. August 2010. You can access this Draft European Standard free of charge by:

  1. Go to
  2. For those who are not already registered as a customer of Austrian Standards Institute please register under This registration is free of charge and you are not obliged to provide any banking information! After completing the registration form you will receive your personal login data for the “Standards-Draft-Portal” of Austrian Standards Institute by e-mail.
  3. Login in the “Standards-Draft-Portal” of Austrian Standards Institute,
  4. Select Committee 259 Management and IT-consultancy (at the bottom of the window), Draft Standard ÖNORM EN 16114 will appear, select the document,
  5. Now you can read the Draft European Standard prEN 16114 and provide comments.
  6. Please remember that the deadline for comments is 31. August 2010, after this date the Draft Standard will not be longer available in the “Standards-Draft-Portal”.

Thanks to all ICMCI members worldwide for your contribution.
Ilse Ennsfellner

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