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Ooa Social Project; free consultancy procedures for charities

The Ooa wishes to be socially active, which should lead to the  associated management consultants becoming more visible and their image being strengthened. But in the first place the emphatic wish underlying this new policy is to make our knowledge, skills and expertise available to those groups or sectors that can hardly ever engage a management consultant. In this way, the Ooa wants to contribute to a better and more liveable society. 

90 consultants for 50 charities
Because the 70th anniversary of the Ooa in 2010 is a fine reason for giving society a present, the Ooa started a project this year on the basis of which a consultancy procedure is offered to charity organisations free of charge. To ensure that this project would be successful, the Ooa has sought the cooperation of two reputable parties, being Nationale Goede Doelen Test (National Test for Charities) and the Instituut voor Sponsoring en Fondsenwerving in Nederland (Institute for Sponsoring and Fund Raising in the Netherlands).

Not less than ninety consultants who want to work free of charge have registered. They will deal with the applications for advice of fifty charity organisations in the Netherlands. The charity organisations highly appreciate this positive gesture of the Ooa members. For the consultants, too, it is a special experience.

Members of our network Young Ooa will try to come up with conclusions about methods that are useful for charities, based on these consultancy procedures. 

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