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ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub Meeting 2010 in Mumbai

The ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub meeting was held in Mumbai on 12 & 13 August 2010.  Ground logistics and support were rendered by Open Spaces Consulting (P) Limited based in Mumbai.  The meeting worked on knitting together and integrating some of the fundamental building blocks of the ICMCI breakthrough strategy.

Some 14 participants from 6 countries (Australia, Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Singapore) took part in the event.  On the first day, Liew Shin Liat, AP Hub Chair traced the development of ICMCI and the development in Asia Pacific in the last several years. 

"Class of the Asia Pacific Hub meeting 2010" in Mumbai

Aneeta Madhok, ICMCI Chairperson updated the meeting on the recent development and milestones of ICMCI.  The delegates were then updated with the output from the Breakthrough Strategy Group (BSG), facilitated by the BSG Chair Rob Wagenaar, and team member Tim Millar. 

Discussing the Breakthrough Strategy

The delegates then discussed the various possible ways that ICMCI could develop further, and in what ways an integrated breakthrough strategy could be developed and implemented.  During the meeting, Shin Liat also shared key points from Prof Kishore Mahbubani’s book “The New Asian Hemisphere”, SWOT analysis of ICMCI,  the House Model (for strategic planning), benchmarking with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).


Delegates contributing to the discussion

For the first time we had a Webex session involving 7 countries (New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, China, Bangladesh) during the meeting.
The meeting resulted in good synergy and understanding about the working of ICMCI by members in the Asia Pacific region. 

The overall output from the discussions can be summarized as:
• Some suggested ideas on the current ICMCI vision and mission statements, in order to be more in line with the current external environment
• There are other models of international federations to borrow ideas from:  IFAC,  FIDIC, other professional services industries
• ICMCI should have products and services to deliver values to stakeholders
• There should be a more “corporatized” (revenue and surplus generating) approach to ICMCI
• A structured approach / with storyline and metaphors / straw-man models help to focus on thinking, discussion and focus
• … and participants were happy with the meeting : learning something, looking forward to some changes in ICMCI….


Lunch at the end of the AP meeting

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