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AMCOR - 20 years on the Romanian Management Consultancy Market

AMCOR, Romanian Management Consultancies Association, celebrated 20 years of activity on November 11 at the conference Consultant in Romania that was organized with the support of EBRD/ Business Advisory Services in Romania.

More than 120 consultants, both members and non-members of AMCOR, joined the event.

The conference was conceived as an event to remember the past (Mr. George Pleșoianu, the honorific president of AMCOR, made an introduction into the history of AMCOR), to acknowledge the present ( Ms. Daniela Marin, National Program Director of BAS Romania, presented the actual state of the industry from the point of view of a facilitator of consultancy assignments) and to design the future (Mr. Mihai Svasta, president of AMCOR, presented a possible future of the Romanian MC market and of AMCOR). The guest speaker, Mr. Calvert Markham,Vice Chairman of ICMCI, presented the international trends in management consulting and confirmed that the AMCOR has challenges similar to those of other institutes of management consultants.

Given the topic What is to be changed on the Romanian management consultancy market and what’s the main role of AMCOR in this context?, the invitees discussed about the expectations of the MC firms related to AMCOR, the expectations of the beneficiaries of consultancy services, how to address and work with other organizations,  and also about the needs for change of the Romanian MC firms and of public and private clients.

The conference ended with the launch of the first book written by Romanian senior consultants working for member firms of AMCOR. The book, Consultant in Romania, is a collection of 12 articles, gathering the working experience in the field of management consulting and training of 12 authors.


AMCOR, Romanian Management Consultancies Association, is the national professional association of management consulting and training firms that gathers today more than 80 companies, including the leaders in the fields of MC and training.

AMCOR is both member of FEACO, European Federation of Management Consulting Associations and of ICMCI. At national level, AMCOR represents the profession of management consultant in Romania, being affiliated to Romanian Union of Liberal Professions. 

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