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ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference - What it took

November of 2009 was when it all started, we received the award letter informing us that IMC-Jordan was selected to host the ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference, and I knew then that all of our efforts to reach to this point paid off, keeping in mind that new efforts had to be put forth to ensure the conference was a success.

Coming up with a concept theme for the conference was developed keeping the participants in mind. The Evason Resort and Spa in Ma’In was selected with the intention of offering each participant a healthy, relaxing and stress-free time in an eco-friendly environment. A small hotel in size, that would provide a retreat atmosphere, yet big in its offerings to cater for different needs.

Establishing contacts and providers for every detail related to preparing for the conference and the conference itself was carried out every step of the way. The graphic designers, BC Grafix, provided us with the branding that would match our slogan of “Evolving with the World”. A brochure was put together that gave a brief overlook of Jordan, highlighting the venue, its facilities and uniqueness. The application form attached to this brochure was also made available on the IMC-Jordan and ICMCI websites for those that wished to apply online.

Together the IMC-Jordan team and Dahlan Tours organized the online application, the hotel bookings, airport pick-ups and drop-offs to and from the different hotels, to make sure everyone was welcomed upon their arrival.

Through it all, the public relations activities were carried out in full force and with collaboration and partnership between the IMC-Jordan team and PR Launchers, press releases were published during all the phases, interviews with newspapers and magazines were carried out. This was done to create high impact awareness about the conference itself and mainly about ICMCI, IMC-Jordan and the CMC designation.

This exposure assisted in gaining the support of the Ministry of Public Sector Development, and our request for patronage from His Excellency was met with positive interest and keen support. 

When the day came, nerves were tight enough to snap, however, the smiles we were greeted with, the positive first impression shared by participants made the anxienty disappear, and we knew then that our vision materialized before our eyes. We were able to exceed expectations while making sure that IMC-Jordan left a memorable mark.

The post conference tour was the icing on top of the cake, giving participants the opportunity to take advantage of the trip and turn it into a vacation by exposing them to our history, heritage, culture and nature.

In closing, I would like to extend our thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all of you who participated in our success, hoping we will share yours in the years to come.


Reema Nasser

Executive Director 

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