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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairpersons message

Dear Readers,

This is our first issue of Meridian for the year 2011. The “bend in the river” I spoke about at the London Business Meeting, is here. At that time, in September 2009, the Board of Trustees had emphatically stated the need for a paradigm shift in the working of ICMCI and the imperative to take our presence to the next level of functioning. The mandate from that Business Meeting was beautifully brought to shape by our Breakthrough Strategy Group over 2009-2010, and a vision of what the new scenario would look like, was presented at Jordan. Now, it’s been further endorsed by an overwhelming vote in favour of the changed directions for ICMCI.

The work of the ExCom has now changed forever. The six breakthrough projects are the core of the changed existence. The priorities set by these projects will dominate the ICMCI agenda for the next few years and that will propel us in directions that are going to make all the difference. I am happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the effort to steer around the “bend in the river”.

The Breakthrough Projects Briefing Paper is simultaneously being rolled out to all members giving the scope and nature of each of the projects, the operating plan, and a process for enlisting volunteers. The effort is to bring all the motivated and committed volunteers together to form a task force for each project. All are welcome to apply to be on these task forces and we will be anxiously waiting for your inputs in this regard.

There is plenty more this month for our trustee members. We are launching the much awaited Common CMC Certificate for which we received the mandate in London, the first announcements for the next event, the Asia Pacific Hub meeting in Seoul, Korea, the forthcoming Euro Hub meeting in Helsinki, and also our Grand Finale in Tapei Taiwan.  Opportunity to win your laurels come with the International Constantinius Award which has also been announced, and much more action from ICMCI.

With positive hopes for the future

Aneeta Madhok, PhD, CMC, GPHR 

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