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European Standard prEN16114 “Management Consultancy Services”

The Project Committee PC 381 met in December 2010 in Milan, Italy, to complete the draft service standard prEN 16114 “Management Consultancy Services” for submission to the final vote. During this meeting we faced the challenge to discuss and agree upon 300 comments as a result of the Public Enquiry. With the support of all participants from various European countries and the Italian Standards Institute UNI we were able to finalize the draft standard.
I am very glad to inform all ICMCI members that the Project Committee of the standard prEN 16114 „Management Consultancy Services“ has decided at the last meeting in December 2010 in Milan, Italy, to launch the formal vote on prEN 16114 Management Consultancy Services.

The standard covers good practice for Management Consultancy Services Poviders (MCSPs). The rationale for the standard under preparation is to share European best practices in management consultancy.

The publication of this standard is expected in the 3rd quarter 2011. The agreed standard “Management Consultancy Services” is then mandatory for all CEN member countries and must supersede any existing national standards. After a 9 months period the European standard is supposed to become a global ISO standard. 

In order to promote the standard among the management consulting profession and their stakeholders a task force was established under the leadership of Brian Ing (ICMCI) and Laura Arsenis (FEACO) with support of Francesco d´Aprile, Ilse Ennsfellner, Louis Loizou and Robert Bodenstein. The preliminary aim of this task force is
- to work on the marketing plan of the benefit of the standard (prEN 16114) in Europe;
- to propose European marketing efforts.
By end of March 2011 the group will seek approval from the Project Committee for its program. The roll out of this program is supposed to start after the publication of this standard end of 2011.

I would like to thank all members of ICMCI for your support and contribution. I am looking forward to a successful and fruitful standard for the management consulting profession and their stakeholders.

Ilse Ennsfellner
December 2010 

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