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International Management Consultants and Executives get together in Finland to discuss the future

The Future 2020 – conference brings together the international management consultants, companies, business executives, researchers and politicians to discuss the future of business management and consulting. The conference is arranged by the Finnish Management Consultants Association (LJK ry) in co-operation with Small and Middle Enterprises Foundation (PKT-säätiö), the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations FEACO and the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes ICMCI. The Future 2020 – conference is held at Marina Congress Center in Helsinki from June 21st to June 22nd 2011.

The program consists of speeches by the chairpersons of international consulting organizations, business executives and futures researchers as well as panel discussions. As speakers could be mentioned e.g. Aneeta Madhok, the Chairperson of ICMCI (the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) from India, Drumm McNaughton, Chairman Institute of Management Consultants - USA and Timothy Millar,  Chairman of the Management Consultants in Australia and Gil Gidron the Chairman of FEACO. In addition to the international representatives also Professor Alf Rehn, Research Director Mika Aaltonen, Chairperson of the Finnish Family Firms Association Anne Berner, former Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and Chairman of the Konecranes Stig Gustavson will participate in the congress as speakers. In the panel sessions topics such as sustainable growth, ethics and moral, labor mobility and knowhow will be discussed.

“The Future 2020 – conference offers an excellent opportunity to outline the entire future of business management and consulting together with international top experts. The subject will be considered from both management consultants’, industrial representatives’ and researchers’ point of view. We welcome representatives from all companies and organizations who are interested to succeed in the future environment to participate in the conference. The conference is also a part of the celebration of the Finnish Management Consultants’ 50th anniversary”, says Kim Karme, the Chairman of the Finnish Management Consultants Association, LJK.

In connection with the conference the ICMCI, the organization responsible for internationally certified consultants (CMC) and FEACO are going to keep their annual meetings in Helsinki. The program also includes a reception at the city hall by the Lord Mayor of Helsinki, an evening gala dinner at Kalastajatorppa and a trip to Turku archipelago.

There are 200 Management Consultants (LJK-members) in Finland

“In Finland we have about 6.000 consultants, but only 200 are approved by the Finnish Management Consultants Association, LJK (Liikkeenjohdon Konsultit ry) and thus entitled to use the LJK-title. The LJK-consultants follow internationally accepted ethical rules and we are considered reliable and trustworthy. The LJK-consultants have a remarkable role supporting the management of companies and enterprises in business development and creation of new possibilities of growth. We want to increase our role of the participation in the public discussions and the building of the future”, Kim Karme continues.

The Finnish Management Consultants Association, LJK is founded in 1961. LJK is a member in following international organizations: FEACO, ICMCI, ICC (The International Chamber of Commerce) and WTC (World Trade Centre).

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Kim Karme, Chairman of the Finnish Management Consultants Association, LJK
Telephone: +358 50 411 5458, Email:


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