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First ACP in Finland

The Finnish Management Consultants association (LJK) granted the ACP (Accredited Consulting Partner) status to Finpro on November 30, 2010 and we also received the right to grant the international CMC (Certified Management Consultant) qualification to advanced Finpro consultants.

As the basis for our ACP status  were our international operations, systematic learning programs for consultants (with Elevation Learning Ltd) since several years, documented and implemented operational processes and a thorough Quality Assessment according to the ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) standards. Mr Peter Sörensen from ICMCI (member of the ICMCI Quality Assurance Committee) and Mr Kim Karme (chairman of LJK ry) audited our processes as well as the planned Finpro CMC Training Program and Assessment Process. Due to Finnair strike Mr Sörensen could not fly to Helsinki as planned, but Eija Fromberg in our Copenhagen office organized the audit by Telepo and Bridgit!  The auditors gave us a very positive feedback, Mr Sörensen stated that Finpro’s operations are at very high level also internationally compared.

  • LJK represents the CMC brand in Finland and acts according to the ethical rules and international standards of ICMCI.
  • CMC  is a globally recognized personal quality certificate for individual consultants, working either in small or big consulting companies. CMC is a qualification of the consultant’s professionalism given by an external, independent organization.

In Finland there are 19 CMC certified consultants. In Finpro we have already 6 certificates from the CMC training program by LJK and Aalto University. The CMC certificate has to be renewed every third year. In case the consultant does not re-certificate, s/he will lose the right to the CMC qualification. This means that only a person who actively works as a management consultant can have the CMC certificate, it's not a one-time performance nor a lifelong qualification.

Finpro consultants have in the future the possibility to participate in Finpro CMC training program when they fulfil the international CMC requirements.

More information :
• Anri Halonen, HRD Manager, Finpro ry and
• Kim Karme, chairman of the Board in Liikkeenjohdon Konsultit ry


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