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28 newly appointed CMC’s in Lithuania

An almost 3 year old initiative of Lithuanian management consultants has reached the culmination. On February 11th, 2011, the Association of Management Consultants of Lithuania (ABCL or LVKA in Lithuanian) had a festivity of awarding the first 28 CMC’s in the country. 200 invitees  gathered in a theatre in the centre of the capital Vilnius. There was a round table discussion organized and representatives of business, public sector and allied associations were discussing about “What consultants can do and what you may want from them”. Within the hour main topics were discussed of key importance for the consulting profession. There were no doubts among the speakers about the CMC standard which can be understood and read among the clients as a recommendation and marks of experience in the consultancy field. 

The newly appointed CMC’s received congratulations from the Prime Minister of Lithuania and the Chair of ICMCI. Among 120 guests were the Minister of Justice, Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Economy, Chairman of one of the largest banks and others honored and well known.

ABCL officially would like to express our thankfulness to: Rob Wagenaar and his team (Mechtild Alferink and Harry Klootwijk) for the training program (more than 1,5 years), to all the teachers and trainers, who have shared their experience, to the Dutch Ooa representatives Marjo Dubbeldam and Henk Slijderink who have done the CMC certification procedure.  

We are also very grateful to those colleagues who found time and resources to share this special event with us: Kim Karme and his wife (Finland), Vladimir Biruk with his wife (Belarus), Dainis Locans (Latvia). And we thank very much Ilse Ennsfellner, Excom ICMCI (Austria), who has done a great speech on our stage.

Let us conclude that the first steps of the Association and CMC’s where quite loud and spread wide in our country !

Lina Grigonyte, director LVKA, Vilnius, Lithuania

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