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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairpersons message

Dear Readers

This is a special issue of Meridian, on the occasion of International Consultants Day, and my message is addressed to all CMC’s of the world, Consultants, Members of ICMCI and their representatives, Clients and everybody who has anything to do with the consulting profession.

Very warm greetings from ICMCI, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, the apex global body representing the consulting profession in 48 countries. For those who are hearing about ICMCI for the first time, as  well as those who are a part of the ICMCI fold, let me, Aneeta Madhok, Chairperson, share with you what I think about the  future of this profession and the role we all can play in the increasing degrees of professionalism we see amongst management consultants. After all, it is International Consultants Day, 2011.

For many centuries now, we have understood a universal need for people in executive positions to seek counsel, advice, assistance from experts, experienced in providing strategic perspectives and operational solutions. Seeking and providing consultation is basic human nature. Over a period of time, the emergence of consulting to management as a specific activity and role played by management consultants in creating success and excellence for their clients could not be ignored. Like all professions, accounting, legal, etc, the consulting profession too got organized and many countries saw the establishment of professional bodies or Institutes of Management Consultants. ICMCI emerged as the first and so far, only global entity representing the interests of management consulting.

The activities of ICMCI range from training and certification of management consultants, development of standards for consultants and consulting firms, spreading professionalism across increasing numbers of countries over the planet, development of codes of conduct and ethical practices that differentiate professionalism and excellence in consultants and consulting firms, creating opportunities for networking and strategic collaboration, and so on.

ICMCI has been the creation of its member trustees and has evolved as an outcome of strong bonding and a spirit of camaraderie of our founding members and early entrants. It operated like a club where everybody converged to take the work of building the profession forward. Today, with an increasing reach across the globe, the nature of challenges we confront are different. Challenges that lie outside ICMCI relate to increasing the depth and penetration of our efforts in the countries we serve. Working with external bodies for recognition of professional standards like the CMC, creating networks and global communities of consulting practice linking with academia to build content and research new frontiers, developing and implementing ethical codes of conduct in everyday lives of professional consultants, bringing awareness of our work in all consulting circles. Challenges within ICMCI are many too. Creating sustainable revenues, building governance structures that enable accountability, transparency and rightness of processes, developing executive capabilities beyond volunteer effort and creating increasing levels of professionalism.

The time since our last annual conference at Jordan has flown past very quickly. There has been much work done and if you visit the website, you will be able to download our half yearly ExCom report for the period ending 31st March 2011, to see all the exciting things being done at ICMCI.

We are going through a period of change and transition at ICMCI since the London Congress in 2009. A group of ExCom members was given the mandate to carve out a visionary strategy that would take ICMCI into the future in ways that would dramatically impact the profession and lead to the enhanced penetration of our message in the many countries where we have our members. The Jordan Annual Conference in 2010 actively endorsed our recommendations and we are now steering ICMCI across the bend in the river towards the future.

The six new pillars of ICMCI strategy are going to define this change and are now being worked upon by us. They include involvement and accreditation of large firms, linkages with academia, branding of CMC across the globe, creating a global community of CMC’s, support for developing and existing member institutes, and reworking our governance and finance to make us flexible and nimble. It is with these perspectives that we look upon the future of ICMCI and its member countries. It’s an exciting time indeed.

On this occasion  of International Consultants Day 2011, we celebrate the threshold at which we stand. When we look back over our shoulders, we celebrate to solid beginnings, the spirit of togetherness, the milestones of the journey so far. We celebrate the excitement of a future spirit of adventure that drives us into changed existence. A future that holds the promise of potential and an enthusiasm to engage with the next leg of the journey. If you are a part of the large family of ICMCI, my greetings to you, and for those who are not connected with ICMCI so far, join in.

Good luck and Happy Consultants Day.

This is Aneeta Madhok, CMC

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