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Improving the skills and competency of Management Consultants in New Zealand

Can you remember when you decided to become a management consultant? How did you build the required skills and competencies to delivery consulting assignments?

In New Zealand, becoming a management consultant can happen by accident. Many of us had executive level jobs and then one day we decided to be a management consultant!

Having made the decision to deliver consulting assignments did we ever think that we had the required level of skills and competencies to achieve and deliver the results our clients wanted? I would hazard a guess that if we are honest the answer would be no.

One way to increase your skills and competencies is to join an industry body. New Zealand’s only dedicated management consulting industry body in the Institute of Management Consultants

IMCNZ has a goal and aim to raise and maintain the industry standards for Management Consultants in New Zealand through the provision of skill and competency certification, consulting skills accreditation and continuing professional development opportunities and peer support.

One example of this is the IMCNZ is about to raise the bar with the launch of the IMCNZ Consulting Skills Framework Consulting accreditation.

IMCNZ will be launching the New Zealand Consulting Skills framework at the International Consulting day functions being held in Auckland and Wellington on the evening of 9 June 2011.

The CSF has a focus on a skills framework with five levels of accreditation.

How do you know you have consulting skills and competencies? How do you prove you have consulting skills and competencies?

How do users of consulting services know that they are hiring people with the right level of consulting skills and competencies?

The answer up until now has been that you cannot prove this unless you are a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

The answer to this dilemma is now here and IMCNZ is delighted to launch the Consulting Skills Framework (CSF) which allows consultants, former consultants, internal consultants, managers, learners and anyone who wants to receive accreditation in respect of consultancy to receive and industry based consulting accreditation from the only authorised body in New Zealand.

You do not have to be a practicing consultant or a member of IMCNZ – it’s open to all people who want a Consultancy qualification and it also provides a training and development path

The CSF is an excellent tool with which to:
1. Enable any consultant wishing to assess their skills and competencies as a consultant to use the tool
2. Provide a Personal Development programme for any person who undertakes self assessment
3. Assess the actual skills of applicants to the IMCNZ or to allow progression through membership levels.
The framework delivers consistency through a common language and reference point for skills, competencies, knowledge and experience.



Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Affiliate Consultant

Junior  Consultant


Senior Consultant

Master Consultant











For more information about the New Zealand CSF and how this system can work in your country please contact Gordon Shaw cmc.

Gordon Shaw cmc
Institute of Management Consultants NZ Inc.

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