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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairpersons message

Dear readers

I am reminded of a famous athlete of Indian origin who ran a good sprint for the country. She had a typical move which saw her make a huge lunge when she reached the finishing line. That last lunge shaved some milliseconds off her timing, and used up all the reserve energy she may have had, and contributed to many a win, especially in photofinishes. I feel the same way at ICMCI.

As the ExCom draws closer towards Taiwan, it is time to make the final ‘lunge’ and put in the effort to get the extra bit of value from the wonderful efforts and teamwork we have witnessed over the last two years.

You can see from this issue of Meridian, how our members are bustling with activity and also some of the ICMCI events which have been reported here.

The International Consultant’s Day was a record setting success. The number of members who held events, published newsletters, and made a splash in consulting circles within their countries, has risen by over 40%. We received information from several countries  about their activities, some of which are reported here. I hope that these reports inspire other countries who do not celebrate International Consultants Day, to start doing so from here on.

The EuroHub at Helsinki was a grand affair. Many who came, stayed on for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of our Finnish member, LJK, and also for Future 2020, the World Management Convention. The historic meeting of ICMCI ExCom and Trustees with FEACO ExCom facilitated by Sorin Caian and Kim Karme was a turning point in the relationships between the two bodies, with the outcome of setting up a joint task force to look into areas of mutual collaboration. The detailed articles and reports from all these events is also in this newsletter.

The Breakthrough Projects have taken on a pace of their own. We are excited by what we are aiming to present to you at Taiwan. 

The last date for early bird discount on the Taiwan Congress has been extended to August 21st. If you haven’t registered already, its time to do so.

With best wishes to all,

Aneeta Madhok, CMC
Chairperson, ICMCI

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