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IMC-Jordan holds specialized workshop to launch its new services


The Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC-Jordan) held a specialized workshop on the 14th of June to launch its “Management Consultants and Trainers Classification System” and introduce the “Benefits of Management Consulting” and “Best Practices” documents.

The objective of the workshop was to highlight IMC-Jordan’s project, financed by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), which aims to “Expand the outreach and visibility of IMC-Jordan, its members, and their services locally and regionally”.

IMC-Jordan’s Classification System was developed by our full member, Mr. Basel Saliba, and supervised by the international consultant and CMC® holder, Mr. Ljubomir Trajkovski, to categorize the offerings of management consultants and trainers. The system serves as a Business to Business (B2B) data bank that provides a summary of subject matter capabilities and attains local, regional, and international visibility. Our data bank is growing by the day, and we will continue building the Classification System data bank of successful consultants and trainers.

The “Benefits of Management Consulting” and “Best Practices” documents were developed by our full member, Mr. Laith Tseganoff, and supervised by the international consultant, Mr. Ljubomir Trajkovski, and they aim to promote and establish a criterion of how a management consultant and/or trainer should operate, and thereof provide the recipients of the services with the key measurement indicator. They also aim to serve as a general guideline of professional conduct for management consultants/trainers including but not limited to; benefits of professionalism, quality assurance deliverables, reduction of risks, elimination of recurring errors and reduction of ethical conflicts of interest and dilemmas, etc. These documents generally aim to provide the prospective clients with general guidelines which should answer the most common questions clients face when seeking to benefit from the management consulting services.

Additionally, the Best Practices document aims to promote and set the criteria and best practices of how clients should approach their activities of procuring Management Consulting Services available in the market through outlining the steps of; defining their requirements and expectations, allocating, selecting and contracting management consultants, managing the consulting assignment/project and finally evaluating the success of any given consulting assignment/project.

Commenting on the workshop, our Vice Chairman Wasfi Al-Masri, said: “We consider this workshop one of the principle stations of this strategic project that was initiated by IMC-Jordan eight months ago with the objective of spreading awareness amongst companies and corporations regarding the best practices and the benefits of management consulting and training and how to benefit from the Classification System of IMC-Jordan.”  

Al-Masri added: “The workshop created a real opportunity for participating parties to learn about the “Benefits of Management Consulting” and “Best Practices.” Moreover, it will showcase these documents and what they constitute of technical guidelines and standardization that form governing guidelines to professionals working in the sector and the beneficiaries from such services.”
Mr. Wasfi Al-Masri

In the event, the international consultant, Mr. Ljubomir Tarjkovski made an introductory presentation focusing on best practices and modern international methodologies in the management consulting sector. Whereas, the Jordanian consultant, Mr. Laith Tseganoff talked about the importance of defining the most important articles in the documents and its magnitude in balancing the relations between benefiting organizations and the management consulting and training services providers.

Moreover, the Jordanian consultant, Basel Salibah highlighted IMC-Jordan’s Management Consultants and Trainers Classification System, showing the fruitful benefits of this system through identifying the appropriate providers according to specialties and experience in the different fields.

As part of the event agenda, the General Manager of Union Bank H.E. Mrs. Nadia Saeed enriched the workshop with her participation by giving a speech exhibiting business consultation from the beneficiaries’ point of view.

The workshop also celebrated the World Consultants’ Day, which took place on June 2nd, and the video address by Ms. Aneeta Madhok, Chairperson of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), was played to share with the audience the views of ICMCI regarding the role of Management Consulting Organizations in the future.
                                                                                                   Mrs. Nadia Al-Saeed 
The goal of IMC-Jordan’s project is to expand the outreach and visibility of IMC-Jordan, its members, and their services, locally and regionally, by drawing greater attention to the role of management consulting and training in organizational development. This is in addition to making consultation, training, and management one of the principle service sectors in Jordan as a vital national income resource. For more information regarding the Classification System and the documents, please visit

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