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ICMCI Euro Hub meeting in Helsinki, a new milestone

The Euro Hub of ICMCI for 2011 was organized in June in Helsinki as part of a major event celebrating the 50Th Anniversary of the Finish Association including a Conference “Future 2020 – The role of management consultancy”.

Despite the “midsommer”, Helsinki welcomed us with a windy, chilly and rainy day. After two years of unforgivable break (in Prague and in Bucharest) we came back to the boat cruising tradition taking a three hours tour of the Helsinki Archipelago covered by a rain closer to late October than to mid of June. But the trip which involved not only the participants to the Euro Hub but also the FEACO General Assembly members holding their meeting in the same time as venue as us, generated a lot of interest around it.

The lack of sightseeing due to foggy windows was fully compensated by the discussions, gates of knowing each other and exploring the other organization or simply touching the reality in others homeland. It was a memorable trip and I simply cannot recall how the three hours passed so fast!

The next day we had most probably the shortest of the Hubs but extremely dense, participative and fully oriented on acting not speaking! The timeframe limitation was generated mainly by the joint meeting with FEACO General Assembly participants.

Opening word of the Hub was addressed by Kim Karme, President of Finnish Association LJK, wishing a warm welcome and telling us few words about the hall where the meeting was held. As you can see in the pictures, all the meeting was supervised by a large number of eyes from the historical portraits on the surrounding walls.

I will not get into the description of the discussions, I would simply refer to the fact that all the meeting was really living and the sign of it was the change! The Breakthrough Strategy, the commitments accepted by all members as well as willingness of the participants to get as soon as possible to measurable results, were reflected in all interventions. It was a real pleasure to be part of this atmosphere!

The last presentation of the day was held by Chiyao Charles Liu about the Congress in Taipei and was very helpful to calm down the participants and prepare them for the final conclusions. Charles made a warm and very attractive invitation to the congress in Taipei, in October 2011.

As said, the Hub ended with the following conclusions, clearly describing the immediate next steps, as seen by the participants to the event:

  • Next months are extremely important for developing the actions for implementing the Breakthrough Strategy;
  • The Europeans are looking forward to be informed about the progress and ExCom decisions in this area in a timely manner (referring also to the ExCom meeting in August)
  • The European ICMCI members will support the initiatives as they materialize;
  • We will continue efforts, as discussed and presented during the day on subjects as CEN, Constantinus International Award, Global CMC, IAF and we will participate (interested parties) to the EU pilot project regarding Common Professional Standards for Associations;
  • Regarding the relationship with FEACO, the members of Euro Hub of ICMCI express their support to the initiative to find common ways of action and identify and act in the area where the two organizations can work together.

I cannot end by brief story about the 2011 Euro Hub in Helsinki, before expressing my gratitude to the Karme family (I would add, mainly for Gunnel and Tina, but I reconsidered that, not being very fair in front of Kim) as excellent hosts and engines of the programme! I am sure that the event will be seen as a milestone in the development of the European Hubs, setting more challenging conditions for those to follow!


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