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MCA-2000 from Republic of Macedonia - New full member with ICMCI                      
Mito Hadzi Vasilev Jasmin 48, blog 5/2 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

On June 9, 2011 the Macedonian Management Consultant Association - MCA2000 became a full ICMCI member. This is a huge success reached after being a provisional ICMCI member for seven years. During this period, MCA-2000 significantly strengthened its structures and capacity as a professional organization and managed to organize three certification cycles.

MCA-2000 has been active for eleven years since its establishment in May 2000. It is a professional, independent, and non-for-profit organization of associated individuals, Management Consultant professionals. 
Its main objective is to promote and ensure excellence in management consulting profession. MCA-2000 has a membership of 54 Certified Management Consultants (CMC) at present. The CMC certification was delivered in cooperation with the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. The first cycle in 2003 was mentored by BAMCO (Bulgarian Management Consulting association) and supported by GTZ (German Donor, Bilateral Program). It resulted in 15 CMC certificates awarded. The second cycle was a real breakthrough. It was mentored by the Croatian Association of Management Consultants and supported by EBRD-financed TAM/BAS program and USAID’s Competitiveness Project. As a result, 30 Macedonian consultants were awarded the CMC certificates on May 11, 2010. Aneeta Madhok , chairperson of ICMCI addressed the public and awarded the certificates.


Aneeta Madhok                                              Ilse Ennsfellner

With this success and experience, MCA-2000 organized the third certification cycle independently, with the support of ICMCI having Ms. Ilse Ennsfellner, vice-president of ICMCI in a function of assessor (see photo). This cycle resulted in 12 new awarded CMC certificates. Smooth organization and successful processes implemented in these certification cycles led, in great part, to assuming full ICMCI membership in June 2011.

CMC certification in Macedonia not only denotes the highest quality consulting standards, but also adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. The efforts of the 54 CMC professionals will not only improve the business climate in Macedonia, but will give Macedonia a competitive advantage in the Balkans. With these group certifications, Macedonia now ranks third in the region for CMC capacity after Romania (50 CMCs) and Bulgaria (45), and followed by Croatia (30) and Slovenia (10). There are none in Serbia, Albania and Montenegro.

Current membership of 54 certified management consultants includes different profiles, technical experts, engineers, ICT specialists, QMS experts, economists, lawyers, HR specialists and others.  In academic terms it includes 7 PhD members and 20 MBA and M.Sc. members.

In line with its Charter, MCA-2000 is organized with the following bodies: General Assembly that includes all members of the association; Board of Directors with 5 members; Supervisory Board with 3 members; and Committee for Ethics and Professional Issues with 3 members.

MCA2000 also carries out its activities through the General Secretary, and various Special Interest Groups.



MCA-2000 Mission

  • Contribute to the National competitiveness of Macedonian economy through improving the skills and professionalism of MCA2000 members and by building capacity of MCA2000 clients.
  • Promote excellence and highest ethical standards of the management consulting profession
  • Represent the interest of  MCA2000 members and the community of the Management Consulting profession
  • Promote the individual management consultants before  the Government, Parliament and wider community
  • Develop continuous improvement and skills building programs for MCA-2000 members
  • Enable better environment for more efficient professional activities of MCA-2000 members in order to make them more competitive


  • Organize the professional management consultants in R. Macedonia  
  • Cooperate with local and international Consulting associations.
  • Implement CMC procedures branded by the ICMCI 
  • Improve professional skills by capacity building of the members.
  • Develop and deliver training programs for management consultants, including, inter alia, specialized seminars for use of EU funds.
  • Increase the level of the HR development in R. Macedonia. 
  • Organize lobbying activities r to improve the overall visibility of MCA-2000 .  
  • Support the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Macedonian economy.
  • Support the EU integration activities of the R. Macedonia

Objectives for 2011-2012

  • Organize Award ceremony for full membership with ICMCI and  new CMC designates
  • Organize new CMC certification and training  cycle
  • Train CMC mentors
  • Participate in preparation management skills evaluation of the students  at University American  College Skopje (UACS)
  • Develop and Implement a Program for recognition and reputation of CMC mark
  • Organize Regional Promotion of CMC mark
  • Support ICMCI Breakthrough Strategy

Best Regards Risto Ivanov, CMC
President of MCA 2000

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