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European Standard EN 16114 “Management Consultancy Services” – positive voting results

After five years of hard work, ICMCI would like to inform you that the final draft of the European standard EN 16114 "Management Consultancy Services" has been approved at the formal vote and now will go to the final phases for publication: check of the translations and final editing by the CEN CENELEC Management Center.

The final version of the standard is expected to be available to the European national standards institutes by October, 2011. The published standard EN 16114 “Management Consultancy Services” is then mandatory for all European CEN member countries and must supersede any existing national standards.

Nevertheless, the activities are far to be considered over! The small group ''Promotion'' is working and it is very important to inform the European market about the existence of this standard and to monitor the correct application of EN 16114.

Moreover, ICMCI will together with UNI, the Italian standards institute, initiate all necessary steps and procedures for the European standard to become an ISO standard within the next year. Generally, after a 9 months period the European standard is supposed to become a global ISO standard.

All your support is also needed in the future to make the consulting industry and the stakeholders aware of the use of this standard.

We will keep you informed about further progress.

Thank you for all your professional and also financial support.

Ilse Ennsfellner
Vice Chair ICMCI

project committee PC 381 established by CEN, had the first meeting on September 8 and 9, 2008, followed by more meetings in 2009 and 2010 in Milan, Italy and Cambridge, UK. Representatives of European countries met to prepare the draft CEN service standard for Management Consultancy Services.  At the meetings it was encouraging not only to meet representatives of ICMCI but also to be able to reach agreement and consensus among liaison partners, e.g. our FEACO colleagues and the national standardization institutes.

The Project Committee is chaired by Ilse Ennsfellner, ICMCI, and supported by Robert Ravaglia, UNI (the Italian standardization institute). Francesco D’Aprile was working with UNI in the preparation phase to ease the implementation process considerably. Brian Ing represented ICMCI.

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