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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Institute of Management Consultants of Ukraine (IMC-Ukraine) newest ICMCI member

Dear colleagues,

I am glad and proud to introduce you  the newest member of ICMCI – Institute of Management Consultants of Ukraine (IMC-Ukraine), which is situated in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and at the moment has 54 members from 14 different regions in Ukraine. 

Ukraine is geographically the biggest European country with total square 603,7 km2 and population more than 45 mln people. With its dense forests, endless prairies and snowy mountains Ukraine is a unique combination of unforgettable places where even people with the most exquisite taste can find the right place for themselves to work and to rest.
IMC-Ukraine was established in order to unite management consultants in Ukraine – people strong in spirit, open for new knowledge and challenging tasks, those whose competences and talents are aimed at perfection of Ukrainian management which actually defines work quality, business culture of the country and level of life of our compatriots.

Members of IMC-Ukraine are management consultants who have minimum 3 years of professional experience and agree with our  Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics.  The Vision was worked out to identify which kind of Institute we are creating. We accepted Competence model (Amsterdam Standard) which requires from each of us  new knowledge,  new experience and high professional skills.

We  fight with ignorance in management, help managers see and avoid  organizational pathology, find out and correct management mistakes. Starting from organizational order we accompany the development our clients’ companies from development of management teams and corporate culture, passing actual knowledge in management to proactive behaviour at the market, innovative thinking, ecologically and socially responsible attitude to resources, help to achieve strategic competitive position.

This way, through mutual development, design  and implementation of best  consulting practices,  enhancement  of professional standards, creation of infrastructure – we are forming new quality of consulting market in Ukraine, grow its potential and trust of our clients.

Our Institute was organized for development of professional society and communication of management consultants. This is a place to exchange ideas and opinions both for Ukrainian professionals, and now we hope, for our colleagues from all over the world.

IMC-Ukraine is managed  by the ExCom, which is elected every 2 years and the President who is also elected every 2 years. At the moment the Institute is managed by

Elvira Faizullina                               Alexander Yurii                               Elena Yuzkova
President, CMC                              Vice-president on finance               Vice-president on International
                                                                                                               relations, CMC 

Elena Ryzhkova             Veronika Verba                       Olga Ahlotkova                Eugene Godnev
vice-president on            vice-president on metho-        executive secretary         head of audit

marketing and PR           dology and standards                                                     committee

One of our Institute’s best products at the moment – regular (every two weeks) seminars  and master-classes for consultants and our clients on different topics in management consulting.

The biggest project, which really had big impact on the market was First International Management Consultants Conference which took place in May 2011 and attracted more than 80 participants from 12 countries. There were lots of useful  lectures, practical master classes and communication.

For more information about us you are welcome to  visit our website
We consider getting provisional membership in ICMCI as one of our biggest achievements so far and believe that our cooperation will lead to success both IMC-Ukraine and ICMCI.

Elena Yuzkova
Vice-president on international relations

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