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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Working together for a better profession – joint FEACO – ICMCI meeting in Helsinki

This event represented for me the only one I know not only of this magnitude, between the two organizations. The idea was launched some year ago by Kim, developed during the Jordan conference, sketched during a Brussels FEACO meeting last December and refined with the great contribution of Kim.

The opportunity offered by the LJK Conference, Future 2020, dedicated to the 50Th anniversary of the Finnish Association, was fully used by both ICMCI and FEACO. Both organizations took the opportunity to have their regular events (Euro Hub of ICMCI and the General Assembly of FEACO) within the generous framework of the conference and, at the end of the events, a joint FEACO – ICMCI meeting involving all participants, was organized in the very nice hall of WTC in Helsinki.

The Agenda, designed based on separate discussions with the heads of the two organizations and mitigated by Kim, included the following topics:

  • Short General presentation of participants – Kim Karme
  • FEACO presentation – Gil Gidron
  • ICMCI presentation – Aneeta Madhok
  • Combined operations – Peter Sorensen
  • Discussion of proposed issues
    • contribution to CEN standard
    • International consulting award
    • common issues in the approach to the EU institutions
    • mutual publication of ICMCI/FEACO activities in our newsletters
    • relationship with FEACO in relationship to our Breakthrough projects, where appropriate
    • plan joint ICMCI/FEACO meetings
  • Decision of establishing a taskforce to make proposal on points above

The meeting was opened by Kim Karme, President of the Finnish Association, LJK, member of both FEACO and ICMCI. He has introduced Gil Gidron and Aneeta Madhok, Chair persons of the two organizations and mentioned that there are representatives of 25 countries in the hall.

Gil Gidron expressed that in FEACO all the people are very excited of working with ICMCI. They are two organizations seeing the business from two different angles but this considered to be a healthy approach. Gil has made a brief presentation of FEACO and underlined his vision to enlarge the consulting market, make it professional and following ethical standards.

Aneeta Madhok mentioned also the deep interest of ICMCI members to work with FEACO and made a brief presentation about the history and the present of ICMCI.

The discussions were extremely open, constructive and the remark of Brian Ing, that the good will is spread around the table, is describing best the atmosphere!

A task force composed by four people, two from each organization was proposed and accepted by all participants

The task force members are:

From FEACO:  Ricardo PENALVA
                         Alfred HARL
From ICMCI:    Sorin CAIAN
                         Ilse ENNSFELLNER

The final wording said that we need to have a common dream and this can be achieved only by working together!

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