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FUTURE 2020 Management Consulting Conference collected people from all over the World to Finland.

The Finnish Management Consultants Association LJK arranged a Global management consultant conference on 21st and 22nd of June 2011 in Helsinki. The conference had 147 delegates from 25 countries in the world participating.

The two day conference program included speakers from business managers, academia, politicians and management consultants. The first day program focused on a business view. Starting from a global economic perspective and ending in panel discussion on labor mobility and sustainable growth issues. During the second day the focus was on management consulting in the changing world. Starting with business overview from different countries and ending with a panel discussion of ethics.

  Kim Karme, Chair LJK              Aneeta Madhok, Chair ICMCI   Gil Gidron, Chair FEACO

We have received comments from the delegates as follows:

  •  I express my compliments for a great work you and all members of your team did for this conference and other events. Your hospitality can not be forgotten as well as nice impressions and images from Helsinki and Finnish landscape will stay in our memory for a long time.
  • The Conference itself  was a good opportunity to get acquaintance with what and how the Finnish consultants think about the present situation and issues to cope with in future.
  • Thanks a lot for all you did to make this Eurohub a pleasure! It was like you said a wonderfull exchange of opinions, ideas and thoughts
  • Thank you and Tina very much for your great effort in organizing the captioned event which was a great success.
  • From my point of view, I found the meetings and conference very stimulating, and we enjoyed the social programme immensely.
  • The conference as well as the events around it has been great and I appreciate the effort of the organization to make FUTURE 2020 a great opportunity to meet and share experiences. And specially to you congratulations for the event. 
  • As I had no chance to say good bye I would like, through this e-mail, to thank you for the excellent work LJK has done in terms of the organization of the Conference and also for all the support you have done to the General Assembly of FEACO. Congratulation Kim!
  • We want to thank you cordially for giving us such an absolutely splendid time in Helsinki! You really took very good care of us before and during our stay and made sure that everything went nice and smoothly. Some things had to be fixed and they were. Together you form an excellent team and you really did a beautiful job for us and for all the other participants. The content and the setting of the meetings was very good. Martin Granholm, Johnny Åkerholm and Stig Gustavson all had good insight and together made a most interesting picture of the challenges we are facing. And Alf Rehn did a most entertaining presentation. They together were the highlights of the conference for me. And there were enough time for gathering with the other participants and exchange views and ideas. The social program was excellent. You really know how to celebrate in style in Finland, here in Kalastajatorppa. And we much enjoyed the Herrankukkaro event. Such a wonderful place and an interesting Finnish experience for all of us from other countries.
  • Many thanks to Kim – and for sure many thanks to your FamilyComp - for this wonderful congress. Many thanks for all you have done to us.
  • I do believe that we have record setting number of people/countries attending, and also one of the most engaged and discussed agendas from what I have seen in the last few years. The world will remember your contribution to the profession. The session with FEACO and the agenda for the joint meeting, so carefully crafted, is historic indeed. Thank you so much for creating so many win-win opportunities for ICMCI, FEACO, Euro Hub, and all around you.
  • Thanks a lot for this great job that you and your team have made to organize such an interesting conference. And these are not the formal words, but sincere feelings of the people that really took part in many different international events.
  • You managed to combine somehow important consulting items, humor, and interesting ideas of people you’ve invited. We were also impressed by the teamwork of your people, your wife and your daughter.
  • I would like to thank you once again for fantastic organisation of Euro Hub and warm hospitality in Helsinki.
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