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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairpersons message

Did you know that in Hindi, the language spoken in my country, India, we do not have a word that is the equivalent of ‘Goodbye’? That is because, in our culture, we believe that closures are only punctuation marks and when one door closes, another opens, and the cycle of life carries on. But the closure is an important part of the next beginning. So, I have to say my goodbyes in English only.As I lay down my office as Chairperson of ICMCI, and I reflect on the last two years, it seems like the London Congress happened a long time ago, but just the other day.  There is so much water under the bridge, and it went past very swiftly. I cannot say we didn’t work hard, because we did. I cannot say we didn’t work smart, because we did.

If you look at the combined outcomes of the last two years from all points of view, you will find that each and every member of the ExCom has significant contribution to report. They have each given the best of their energies and not held back at all. Like all teams, we too had our forming storming issues, and we too had our ups and downs, and periods of bursts of energy, and some moments when we found ourselves depleted of energies. There is much accomplished, and a combined reading of the ExCom report for 2009-2010 released at Jordan Conference last year, and the ExCom report for 2010-2011 being released at Taipei Congress, will tell the complete story. I am sure that there are many who believe that there is still so much more left to be done, and the mantle now falls on my worthy successor, the incoming Chairman of ICMCI, Francesco D’Aprile, to carry the legacy forward.

This issue of Meridian is being released on the eve of the Taipei Biennial Congress and marks the beginning of 25 years of ICMCI existence. In the many centuries since the earliest consultants, these last 25 years have added immense value to the growth and evolution of the profession. Management consultants in over 48 countries have the option of becoming members of professional institutes, with ICMCI at the apex. They have the benefit of receiving training and knowledge and endless learning and networking opportunities offered by our members. They also have the option of obtaining the very prestigious certification and adding a CMC after their name, and they have the honor of being welcomed into reciprocal membership of ICMCI member institutes in over 48 countries.

The award of the Meridian Order goes to three eminent and distinguished persons in ICMCI who have contributed over many years to the working of ICMCI, tirelessly and selflessly.  An announcement to this effect is being made at the Taipei Congress and is also included in this newsletter.

For the first time, ICMCI has put implemented an International Award for Consulting Excellence, the Constantinus International awards, and these too are being given away at Taipei Congress. In this newsletter, you will find the names of the winners and a bit about the award winning consulting done by them.

The Taipei Congress is mostly about the Breakthrough Strategy that was forged as an outcome of London Business Meeting demands of the Board of Trustees in September of 2009. I am proud and happy to have had the bend in the river during 2009 and 2011 and to have been witness to the moment of transition to the new ICMCI that will emerge as an outcome of the work done by the Breakthrough projects.

The global map of ICMCI has changed since it was published after the London Congress. In this issue you will find the latest map of the many countries where CMC is available through our members. The CMC gold has spread far and wide. The hope is to cover more parts of the African and South American continents where undiscovered territory exists. I am sure that future ExComs will rise to the challenges posed by these two continents, and will find success in the many countries there where consultants also exist.

This address is incomplete without the acknowledgement of all my very competent and efficient colleagues on the ExCom, the elders who have mentored me in ICMCI, The Board of Trustees who have engaged themselves in record numbers with what we have done, and the efficient secretariat that has been the backbone of our functioning.

With these words, I bid goodbye and leave the mantle of Chairperson very confidently and proudly, in the hands of Francesco D’Aprile, the incoming Chairman, who will lead from here onwards. I look forward to continuity of many relationships forged through friendship, professional respect, and mutuality. The door to future correspondence now opens and a different wavelength can get established in my new avatar of Past Chairperson.

With best wishes to all,
Aneeta R Madhok, CMC
Chairperson, ICMCI
October 5, 2011

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