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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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May 9th, 2011


The 2011 ICMCI Americas Hub Trustees Meeting was held on May 9th, 2011 in Toronto Canada and hosted by CMC-Canada. This was the 3rd AH meeting in 4 years with the two previous ones being in Barbados, hosted by the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) and Washington, USA hosted by the IMCUS. Twenty individuals attended with 3 Trustees, 3 members and 3 staff (including the CEO) from CMC-Canada, 2 Trustees, the Chair and the ED from IMCUS, 2 Trustees and one member from CICMC, the Trustee from Taiwan and 3  members of ExCom (Aneeta Madhok, Mark Nesbitt and Tim Millar). The purpose of the meeting was 3-fold:

  • To provide a forum for learning of ICMCI initiatives, how they impact the management consulting profession in the Americas and enable united Americas input to those initiatives. The focus for this year was on the Breakthrough Strategy – the status and future activity on the six subprojects undertaken
  • To enable greater collaboration, networking and awareness among the Americas Hub Institute members, share best practices and collectively address issues in the Hub region
  • To discuss the future purpose of the Hub and begin to develop a plan to meet that purpose

The meeting was preceded by a dinner the night before for all participants who could make it.

Member Institute Updates:
Canada, USA and the Caribbean all gave updates on activities and initiative each institute has been involved in over the last year. For Canada this included building awareness of the CMC brand; launch of a bi-annual publication, Consult Magazine; development, with one of our partner business schools (Richard Ivey) a PD program targeted at senior consulting practitioners, a new Consulting in Canada Industry study, CMC-Canada’s new partnership with the Certified Management Accountants Association and the development of Volume 2 of CMC-Canada’s Common Body of Knowledge. IMCUS has had a particular emphasis on the “CMC Firm” initiative, lobbying with respect to government relations, development of partnerships with universities and business schools and the creation of student Chapters. CICMC (Caribbean) reported on best practices initiatives, the development of new Chapters and strategic partnerships and the on-going challenges that any new Institute faces, particularly in the geographically and culturally diverse environment they operate in.

Taiwan Congress
Charles Liu gave us a presentation on what to expect at the 2011 ICMCI Biennial Congress in Taipei and represented the city of Taipei and the Taiwan Institute very well. It promises to be a lively Congress and wonderful travel opportunity to a beautiful country.

ICMCI ExCom Update:
Aneeta reviewed the contents of the Half Yearly Report of the Executive Committee that was distributed to all members in April.  Highlights of the report included the success of the Jordan conference, the Breakthrough Projects, Constantinus Award, the CMC Certificate, activities of ExCom and the Secretariat support.  She also reported on the ICMCI committees’ activities such as Membership, QAC, Professional Standards, and Marketing.

Large Firm Initiative:
Drumm McNaughton gave an overview on the Large Firm Initiative, what progress had been made so far, and the market place’s reaction.  A discussion ensued on how the governance framework of large firm could be an issue to this initiative’s success, as firms can operate differently depending upon location.  The training approach in large firms is now more globally based, rather than nationally as was previously the case.  Lack of the awareness of the CMC designation is also a concern as firms are not awarded contracts based upon having a team of CMCs.

The idea of having a Large Firm Summit was talked about and it was recommended that more research be done on the value proposition of the Large Firm Initiative. The question was raised as to whether we are providing the right membership product for large firms and are we looking at this initiative from the client’s perspective on what they want and need from the association.   It was recommended that we monitor the approaches of both the U.K. and Australia as they have experienced many successes. Three members from CMC-Canada who have been involved in reaching out to the large firms contributed significantly by explaining how they achieved the success they have had.

Breakthrough Strategy:
The bulk of the late morning and afternoon was spent discussing the progress of the Breakthrough Strategy. Aneeta informed the group on the progress of the six breakthrough projects, and that they have now been handed off to the identified ExCom leads to select and connect with their committee members.  There was discussion around connecting with these volunteers, as they have been waiting to hear back about the status of their involvement.

Questions were asked about the approach being used with the World-wide Branding project, and if there was an opportunity to build on the branding strategies used by the established Institutes. The discussion then focused on how new Institutes have different needs than mature Institutes and whether marketing segmentation is a good option for ICMCI to consider moving forward.

The Institutes expressed a desire for ICMCI to move quickly on the breakthrough projects and how important it is to have some early wins before the Taiwan Congress.  Canada reported that it was a challenge to get board approval for the additional funding required with breakthrough strategy, and the Board is expecting to see some substantial progress on a number of fronts with the new funding model

Tim informed the group that as part of the BT Strategy around Governance that his committee will be creating a new Board Charter to address the governance structure of ICMCI.  This new charter will be based upon best practices and include areas of operation such responsibilities, strategic direction & planning, financial governance, risk management, committee and board meetings.

It was asked if any further consideration had been given to the weighting of votes based on number of members in the Institute.  ICMCI indicated that this approach has been discussed but no decision has been made.

A discussion then ensued about the search for a full-time executive at ICMCI, and Aneeta shared a draft job description and asked for feedback.  There was much discussion about the required skills a candidate would need to possess in order to be considered.   It was strongly suggested that given the fundraising element of the role, that the candidate be from one of the countries where fundraising efforts will be focused.

The meeting ended with an update by Clint Burdett, IMCUS Trustee, on the International Accreditation Forum initiative and a presentation by Glenn Yonemitsu on an initiative undertaken by the global Program Management Institute (PMI) on the development of the “Registered Consultant Program”, something that both ICMCI and the individual Institutes will have to stay closely aware of as it may impact the value of the CMC designation.
Many thanks to all who journeyed to Toronto to attend and participate in the Americas Hub meeting – it was informative and lively with excellent contribution from everyone.

Gerry Humphries
Drumm McNaughton
Co-Chairs, Americas Hub

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