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Confab: IMC USA’s Annual International Conference has its 34th Birthday

For 34 years, Confab has been an annual staple for IMC USA’s broad offerings of professional development.

For those of you who have not heard of Confab, Confab is IMC USA’s international management consulting conference drawing consultants from multiple countries to Reno, Nevada every fall.  According to David Norman, IMC USA Chair/CEO, “Over the years, we’ve had people here from across the ICMCI family of nations, including Australia, Canada, Barbados, Austria, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Nigeria, and Japan, as well as non-ICMCI countries such as United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Netherland Antilles, Kuwait, and Greece.  It is the one truly international conference for management consultants, and people continue to come back year after year for the networking, professional development, and collegiality.” 

Confab is unique.  During this time, other conferences have come and gone, so for a conference to have the longevity of this IMC USA meeting (34 years) is unusual.  According to Founder Dick Pinsker FIMC, "our strength is we have the continuity, spirit, interest and a fun-loving group of people who create and attend this conference."

Starting with just 22 attendees in 1978, it continues to deliver in-the-trenches, actionable information.  The spirit of sharing among peers is unparalleled - a model of collaboration among consulting professionals.

Be part of this great conference – come to Reno October 22-24 and enjoy the top conference for management consultants in the world!!!

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