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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Call to Action

On November 9, 2011, in Brussels, I had the privilege to represent ICMCI at the launch of the EN 16114 Standard, the first standard on Management Consulting Services, published by the CEN – the European Committee for Standardization. This is the first ever international standard on Management Consulting, one of the few focused on the professional services. There is a focus on developing a clear and open understanding between the Management Consulting Services Providers and their clients, increasing their trust in each other and then supporting both parties in managing risks related with MC assignments. This standard is a clear value available for all MC stakeholders and it will help a lot in increasing the business development in all regions in Europe and in the World.

I was delighted to represent ICMCI, considering that the ICMCI was the key factor in the design and finance of this project, with the CEN working lead by Ilse Ennsfellner, Vice Chair of ICMCI along with the professional value produced by all ICMCI experts involved, including Brian Ing, past Chair of ICMCI. There was an unanimous consensus coming from the EU Countries in approving this standard and in linking together all the main European players in the Management Consulting Industry , starting from ICMCI, FEACO together with others… . NORMAPME, the main association representing the European Small and Medium Enterprises was also present to support us on the occasion.

I like to take this picture to show what ICMCI today is. Being the sole worldwide organization in Management Consulting, today our energies are mainly focused on concrete projects, able to achieve concrete results, supporting the grow of the economy through the value of the professional consultants, the CMCs, associated at national level in professional Associations or Institutes, members of ICMCI. We are the international umbrella able to link them each other, sharing experiences and best practices, setting up networks, designing and following standards and projects, promoting ethics as well as professional behaviours. In other words have the opportunity to produce value for our clients and for the whole society. ICMCI is present in 50 countries in the world through its member institutes, as well as on the right side of some crucial international organizations in supporting the management consulting industry in several developing countries in the world.

Our energy and enthusiasm come from our members, from our Trustees. On Oct 3-8, 2011, during our Congress in Taipei, we have lived an amazing and positive atmosphere, looking forward towards the next steps in the Breakthrough Strategy Projects, addressing our attention to the Academia, to the global community of the CMCs and to the Global CMC firms, focusing and promoting the image and the value of the CMC brand worldwide, supporting all our IMCs members in this direction. Finally re-designing our governance model in order to be more effective in using our professional and financial resources.

In 2012 ICMCI will celebrate its 25th  anniversary. We will celebrate this event at global level, asking our members in each country to celebrate together. On Dec 11-12, 2011 the Excom members will meet in London for a two days face-to-face meeting in order to design together the next priorities, projects, initiatives and events.

There are so many projects and ideas…. and there is also a professional and motivated team of officers, trustees and volunteers who are working together, coming from all continents, keen on achieving our targeted results. In Brussels we touched the value coming from our actions. ICMCI is perceived as an organization is playing a key role in the management consulting industry in the world. Being aware of that, we are living our time today as a Call to Action, for all of us and for all CMCs, volunteers around the world, who are keen to spend their time and energies together with us.

Francesco D’Aprile
Chairman of ICMCI

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