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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Reflections on ICMCI by Nick Shepherd, FCMC, FCGA, FCCA, FCIM


Receiving the Meridian Order at the Taipei conference was a shock and surprise! I am only one of many volunteers within ICMCI as well as across the global management consulting profession and to be singled out like this was a wonderful experience. First let me say again “thanks” to Aneeta, members of ExCom (both present and past) and the many others who I have had the pleasure to work with over the time I have been involved in ICMCI. While I appreciate the award I also want to cast the thanks for a job well done to everyone else as we all sacrifice personal time to move the agenda of the organization forward. I would also like to thank CMC-Canada for the opportunity to serve as a trustee to ICMCI, and in particular to Gerry Humphries, Mark Nesbitt, Mike Thompson, Valerie Sluth, Lynn Haight, and Heather Osler who have provided me with support and inspiration over the years.

As I look back over my relatively short years working with ICMCI I see progress – albeit with some up’s and down’s which every journey must involve. I see change – the subject at the heart of our life as consultants, yet a subject that still brings fear, concern and challenge even to us who are consultants! Most of all I see people – a band of mainly volunteers who really believe in our profession and want to see it grow on a global basis and be recognized for the key role it plays in driving forward growth, change and hopefully the well being of all our stakeholders. What has been one of the greatest experiences has been working with people across the globe who come from different backgrounds and live in very different and unique societies, yet who are at the end of it all human being’s. We care; we want to contribute; we want the support of our peers; we want to love and nurture our friends and families; in short we are, at the end of the day very similar members of the human race. ICMCI is, and can continue to be a force of good and change to break down global barriers, in many cases created through a lack of mutual communication, understanding and tolerance. ICMCI offers a forum for people of like mind to work together.

One of my ongoing challenges as an active member of ICMCI, (which is shared by many who continue to be involved), is to balance the needs and aspirations of the national Institute that we represent, with the growth of the profession on a global basis; this helps us all by building critical mass and the CMC brand. It is always easy to retreat to our local problems and believe that these have priority; true leadership recognizes that in a global economy, collaboration, cooperation and communication are key – but that these are held together by ensuring a strong commitment and a balance between a strong local organization and a strong brand in every country. Contributions to the global agenda are core to the success of the whole ICMCI movement. In particular I believe that as a founding member of ICMCI, CMC-Canada has the experience and resources to continue to play a leadership role in ICMCI and I hope that as I move on, this continues to reflected.

We made great strides in the PSC (Professional Standards Committee) in establishing the competency framework, as a standard for both knowledge as well as assessment of CMC candidates; this now forms the basis of reciprocity globally. We also moved the agenda forward on ATP and well as ACP. While more work needs to be done, progress was achieved through the collaborative efforts of many. We also made great strides in moving the discipline and structure of QAC (Quality Assurance Committee) forward by developing training, assessments and other standards; any comment about QAC would be remiss if it didn’t single out Peter Sorenson who remains one of the great leaders and contributors to the profession and to ICMCI. We also moved the agenda of the Membership Committee forward and started the development of a more cohesive checklist that matches the QAC checklists, but targeted at defining standards for new member Institutes.

This work was not done by me alone but by a host of others internationally – it would take too long to list everybody but you all know who you are because everyone that I have worked with has been part of our success – we did this together. It is with a heavy heart that I step down this year from my volunteer efforts, but I know there are great people out there who will move the agenda forward. My wish is that ICMCI continues to thrive and prosper and to build management consulting globally. I must as a final comment also mention my dear, departed friend Gabriel Al Saleem who came into my life through my work as a CMC. Gabriel became much more than a client representing EBRD as he shared the passion that many of us have to help those in many countries build a better future and was visionary enough to see a way that EBRD to help this capacity building. I miss him on a personal level and the world is weaker for his loss. Let him be an inspiration for all of ICMCI to carry the torch forward and to work together collaboratively to build the profession. Thanks to all of you!

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