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AMCOR’s role in defining the consultancy market in Romania

Romanian Management Consultancies Association (AMCOR) organized on the 11th of November,2011 the conference entitled “The role of a  Management  Consultant”. The event was held at the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, “Le Diplomate” hall, from Bucharest.

The event attracted over 100 participants from different fields of activities: consultants, representatives from the banking sector, public institutions, civil society and academic representatives.

The conference consisted in two interactive sessions in which was discussed the role of a management consultant in his relationship with financial institutions and public authorities involved in the management of  UE or other public funds, the fees and the role of etichs in management consulting.

Mihai Svasta, the former president of AMCOR, opened the debate with his presentation “Inteligence, Methods and Pragmatism”, which in his vision represents the three fundamental qualities of a consultant. During his speech Mr. Svasta stressed the importance of management consulting as „an asset of intelligence, method and pragmatism provided to the management act”.

The presence of Ezio Lattanzio, the chairman of the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO), gave the event an international dimension. Mr. Lattanzio discussed with the participants the trends of the European management consulting market.

The conference also marked the transfer of AMCOR’s leadership to the new president, Mr. Sorin Caian. The new elected president had presented to the audience his vision over the role of AMCOR in defining the management consulting market in Romania. In Mr.Caian’s view, AMCOR has to provide his members added value, has to be a coherent voice of the consulting profession through devotion and balance, has to develop its relations with the academic, economic and mass media fields and, last but not least, has to be closer to the needs of its members.

Topics like the European Standard for Management Consulting Services, EN16114:2011  and the report on the market survey “Consultancy - Angel or Demon”, developed by AMCOR through a Romanian market research during April - June 2011, were also debated by the participants at the conference.

“The role of consultant in management” joins the list of events organized by AMCOR, through which it communicates with the consulting market and its players, in order to find out about the trends on the market and the needs and expectations.


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