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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message - Francesco D'Aprile

25th Celebration of ICMCI


We were asked, when in Taipei, by all trustees to find ways of further promoting and supporting the value of the CMC brand.  Considering this as a priority core to our mission and mandate, we thought to link this demand to the 25th celebration of the founding of ICMCI.

Celebrating ICMCI means today to celebrate our roots and our values in order to design our new perspective.

There are so many instances in our history which demonstrate our roots and our values as an NGO of the United Nations, ICMCI is the sole worldwide Institute of Management Consulting Institutes which covers all Continents, with members in 50 Countries, including 15 member institutes in the 19 countries that form the G20 (which represent more than 70% of global GDP).  ICMCI is managing the sole professional accreditation for Management Consultants with a network of 10,000 CMCs around the world, when the talents are THE key success factor to compete.  ICMCI is supporting the growth of our Management Consulting profession, by periodically assessing all member institutes all over the world, taking lessons from and sharing knowledge with each of them; financing and leading the project to create the first standard for Management Consultants (CEN 16114) ever written, and managing the first (and, as far as we are aware, still the only) worldwide award for management consultants.  ICMCI is supporting the creation of National Institutes of Management Consultants in undeveloped countries, in partnership with other International Institutions who believe - together with us - that the presence of qualified professionals is a key success factor to build both capability and capacity to facilitate growth in local economies.  Finally, in times of uncertainty, ICMCI is also the anchor for our members, being based on an established commitment to, and culture of, mutual support and help.

We are all aware of this positioning and these core values. We are aware that we are going to play a different and more prestigious role in the future; this is why we are using our energies in organizing ourselves to focus on our Breakthrough Strategy projects, making our organization and governance more effective in order to achieve this targeted result.

In future our members have to play a stronger role; we need to feel energies coming from all the regions in order to give evidence in each country of the value that lies in our hands, making all of us able to support each IMC in reaching its goals.

We have good reason to celebrate ICMCI this year. We will document for all to read our underlying beliefs and values by publishing a celebration book in which all the key milestones in our history will be articulated, with contributions from all those involved, past and present who have given so freely of their time and wisdom to create the ICMCI we have today. All members have been and are asked to contribute, by recognising and identifying the key persons who have played a relevant role in the development of ICMCI. On the other hand, whilst certainly avoiding self praise, we will ask our stakeholders to join us, to debate the main issues within the management consulting industry in order jointly to design and develop a new future perspective together.  Our hub meetings (Budapest, Hungary on May 10-12; Montego Bay, Jamaica on June 27-29) as well as our annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on Oct. 3-6 will provide the locations for these celebrations. In the near future we will share with you the agendas for our events and we look forward to meet you there.

Finally, all members have good reasons to celebrate ICMCI. Each of us has a unique position in our respective countries, as the only internationally recognised professional institute for management consultancy. Our individual values are in fact the values that we all share.  We join together to support initiatives at national level, whilst being available, along with our officer holders, to represent an international perspective during these events. The established commitment to, and culture of, mutual support and help within ICMCI is something tangible and adds concrete value; it represents action; it means that each and every one of us can feel extremely proud to be part of these joint achievements, both in the past and to come.



Francesco D’Aprile

Chair of ICMCI


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