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Breakthrough Project - Professional Standards

As members are aware, the ICMCI breakthrough strategy is focusing on a number of key projects including the development of competency standards, growing a global CMC community, and forging links with large consultancy firms.  Member organisations are supporting this strategy in terms of financial backing and their own time and effort. 


One project now underway relates to documentation and processes around CMC and ACP.  In particular we need to articulate competency requirements for the CMC.  The aim is to ensure that ICMCI standards are not only comprehensive, current and clearly written, but also of a suitable quality to meet the expectations of external scrutiny.

This will impact on ICMCI’s positioning, both in respect of its own members and in the eyes of other global institutions, as well as providing adequate support to current and prospective members of ICMCI.

A request for proposal was issued back in December 2011, calling for suitably qualified consultants to undertake this work for ICMCI.  Three consultants/consultancies are now on a shortlist, and each has submitted his/her final proposal for review by the selection panel.  The outcome will become known by the end of March 2012.

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