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Institute of Consulting launches National Register

The recent launch of the National Consultants' Register - which is a list of vetted and professional consultants - from the Institute of Consulting will address many of the consultancy procurement problems businesses face.


The Register acts as a first port of call for businesses sourcing consultants. It includes profiles of IC members who have been assessed, have delivered value to their clients, have credible experience and qualifications and have importantly demonstrated their professionalism and ongoing commitment to the industry.


The Register has an easy search tool that enables clients to search via a range of specialisms, experience and recommendations.


Viewing a consultant's profile gives buyers the opportunity to:


  • See what specialist skills the consultant holds
  • Browse their previous projects
  • Read articles written by the consultant to understand the level of knowledge they possess
  • View recommendations left by other users and former clients
  • Take a look at the qualifications and awards the consultant has achieved
  • Use an online video calling facility to get introduced to the consultant
  • Interact with them directly through the site


By using the Register businesses can reduce their procurement risks and for the first time source first class consultants with the skills they need who otherwise might not have been found. Through the Register the IC also offers best practice guides, hints and tips to professionalising the buying process.


The National Consultants' Register can be accessed from

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