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IBCO celebrates The Management Consultants' day in Brazil

IBCO celebrates The Management Consultants' day in Brazil







IBCO – Instituto Brasileiro dos Consultores de Organização, the Brazilian Institute of Management Consultants, celebrated the International Management Consultants' day on June 26th in Soa Paulo, Brazil with the workshop “Trends, professional qualification, international certification, fees and the future”.


IBCO’s Chairman, Cristian Welsh Miguens, Members of the Advisory Council, Jorge Landman and Eduardo Rocha, and Member of the Board, Clei Lettieri, welcomed the guests, management consultants member and non-members of IBCO.


The workshop began highlighting the installation and operation of regional branches in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, and the embryonic organization of other branches, in the States of Minas Gerais, Paraná, Ceará and Pernambuco.


An important approach during the event was about the recent approval of the European Standard EN 16114, which shall guide the practice of consulting services not only in Europe but also in the world and in Brazil. Its provisions give emphasis on ethics and management consultants’ competencies. IBCO, being a member of ICMCI since 2002 - institution that sponsored and actively participated in the drafting of the standard – is undertaking efforts to share this knowledge with all the Management Consulting community as a stage towards professionalism and international certification, the designation CMC.


IBCO’s training program, a 40 Hours long course on “Developing Management Consulting Competencies” supported on ICMCI’s Competency Model, the annual research on Management Consulting fees in Brazil and the estimated participation of the management consulting industry in Brazil’s GNP (almost 1%) were other issues that called guest’s attention.


Mr. Welsh also presented a brief summary about the involvement of Brazil  – the single member of ICMCI in South America – in the Americas Hub meeting, on 18 June in Montego Bay, Jamaica, preparatory to ICMCI’s  International Congress that will take place next October, in Orlando, Florida, on which occasion will be celebrated the 25th anniversary of ICMCI.



Finally, Cristian stressed that in order to be successful within global competition businesses must innovate constantly. Businessmen and entrepreneurs do not compromise themselves with innovation. "But, management consultants are prepared for this mission, to promote innovation in enterprises", he concluded.


The workshop ended with a fast tour to the venue – MUBE, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture – and with a cocktail where guests had a chance to know each other and exchange opinions.

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