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Romanian Management Consultancy - European Standards and Local Applicabilirt Conference Report

Romanian Management Consultancy – European Standards and Local Applicability

Romanian Management Consultancies Association (AMCOR) together with EuroTop Consulting organized on May 14th 2012, the conference "Romanian Management Consultancy – European Standards and Local Applicability”. The event was held at Opera Plaza hotel, Cristal hall, in Cluj-Napoca.

The conference gathered over 50 participants from different fields of activity: consultants, representatives of public institutions, of civil society and academic representatives.  

The event moderated by Mr. Sorin Caian, the president of AMCOR, together with Mrs. Zsuzsanna Fazakas, Managing Director of EuroTop Consulting, started with an interactive session over the expectations of the clients (organizations and individuals) from the Romanian consultancy market.

Representatives of management consulting firms discussed a number of practical situations encountered both in projects carried out in both the private and public sector, voicing their expectations for the next period and proposing viable solutions to improve business, aiming to develop a platform for communication by creating a common voice of management consulting practitioners in relation with local authorities.

"The need for quality in consultancy services for accessing European funds" was the theme of Mr. Petru Luhan’s presentation, Deputy in the European Parliament.  In his view the quality of consultancy services in Romania can be improved by increasing the number of similar activities carried out by AMCOR, on the technical side, (such as National Accreditation) and on the ethical side, through which all members of AMCOR promote a professional conduct in relationship with their clients, this behavior being also based on the Association’s Code of Ethics. Another measure which may affect the quality of consultancy services in Romania would be to organize training courses for consultants with the help of foreign experts who could share interesting aspects from their experience.

The presence of Mr. Brian Ing, ex-chairman of the ICMCI gave the event an international dimension. In his discussions with the participants, Mr. Ing stressed the need for management consultancy standards.  At the same time, Mr. Brian Ing made a brief overview of how the typology of the management consultant evolved in the United Kingdom, from “wild consultant” in the 80’s until today, a typology also applicable in relation with the Romanian level of the market.

The Regional Conference of Cluj-Napoca offered for local consultants from the N-W Region of Romania, a good opportunity to exchange ideas on the development of the Romanian consultancy market, on the necessity for specific standards in management consulting from the perspective of european standards, by promoting a climate of professionalism and ethics.

The conference joins a list of events organized by AMCOR, in order to find out more about the local trends of the market, needs and expectations of the public.

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