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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

Welcome to Orlando



While celebrating the 25th anniversary of ICMCI we are discovering our roots; it is also the case that professional Management Consultants are often being asked today by their principal stakeholders to play the key role in order to make the ‘new’ happen.  I believe that these two facts are strongly linked, thereby defining the true meaning and significance of our celebration in Orlando.


The clear strategic choice of our founding members was focused on the Profession and to what was needed in order to increase professionalism, thanks to the role of the national Institutes of Management Consultants (IMCs) linked each other at international level.  ICMCI has been developed paying attention to the framework of our profession; to the background, the professional profile and ethical approach of the professionals, to designing and improving a process in order to harmonise the profile of what they called “CMC - Certified Management Consultants” all over the world; to building a solid link between all IMCs sharing knowledge and best practice; to supporting the growth of new IMCs; and finally to formalising mutual recognition for CMCs all over the world.


To be clear, our founding members were not thinking about creating new lobbies in order to promote business opportunities.  They were intent on agreeing and articulating the fundamental role that the Profession of Management Consultants should play for the development of regional and international economies, being conscious that this could be achieved only by supporting improvements in professionalism of those engaged in management consultancy, and seeking moving us all onto a higher level within the Management Consulting profession.  This is the background to the CMC, identifying its intrinsic value.


Today we are perceived by our key stakeholders mainly as a catalyst - the professionals who accelerate the business reaction – and, at the same time, being a stimulus for change.  In my meetings as Chair of ICMCI, I am continuously discovering the increasing interest in and respect for qualified Management Consultants, and for the global and regional organizations that represent them.


This happens with the Financial Banks (World Bank, EBRD and other regional financial banks) when they launch and manage programmes that finance the costs for involving Management Consultants in projects.  In this case Management Consultants are the catalyst between international funds, that address international policies, and the companies that are local beneficiaries of those policies.


The same situation is happening with the Institutions: The DG Enterprise of the European Commission is paying attention to the quality of professionals who support financing projects by European companies focused on improving professionalism in innovation management (IMProve) and other disciplines.  CEN – the European Standardization Board has launched, thanks to ICMCI, the first standards for Management Consultants (EN 16114)- the list goes on.


Our latest achievement is to secure a similar response at an event in Boston hosted by the AOM – Academy of Management.  They are working hard in order to be more effective in linking the environment for the creation of knowledge and innovation (ie through Universities, Research Centres…) with the environment in which that knowledge and innovation are taken forward for implementation (via Companies, Organizations, …).  They realise that they need to be more effective; they understand that management consultants can play a strong role in this.  On August 6, after our presentation to the Management Consulting Division of the Academy of Management, ICMCI was asked to organize a formal panel focused on this issue during a global meeting being planned to take place in Orlando (USA) in 2013.


What is happening with the Business Banks, Institutions and Academies shows that we are perceived as the profession that manages the ‘last mile’, and forms the vital link between the environment for the design of the ‘new’, and the environment where the ‘new’ needs to be implemented.  We are exactly that - a catalyst working as a stimulus to change, accelerating this business reaction.


This happens because all of these institutions need, and are looking for, professional consultants with a renowned reputation.  Here is where we come back once again to our roots - the initial strategic decision of our founding members 25 years ago to focus on professionalism, and pointing the ICMCI mission in this direction.


In this exciting environment ICMCI is asked today to be more effective, adapting its governance and operational model to these new needs.  This is the main purpose of our Breakthrough Strategy projects, where all our members are addressing their resources and an incredible number of volunteers (high qualified CMCs from several countries) are working together with ICMCI officials in order to be ready with new solutions and be ready to implement those new solutions starting from next year.


This is what we are going to celebrate in Orlando, being proud of our roots and being ready to play a leadership role together with our stakeholders in the future.


See you in Orlando.

Francesco D’Aprile

Chair of ICMCI

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