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European Standard EN16114 - in Romania

SR EN 16114 in Romania – an International Standard for a Visible Improvement of Practitioners’ Work in Management Consulting

The campaign of promoting SR EN 16114 in Romania was especially created so that the information about the presence of the new international standard for consultancy services on the Romanian consultancy market would be known.

The campaign’s main objective was to reach all the providers of management consulting services and organizations involved in consultancy projects.

In order to be closer to the providers of management consulting services from Romania, the ambassador of the EN 16114 in Romania, Mr. Mihai SVASTA, together with an enthusiastic group of junior consultants and in collaboration with ASRO (Romanian Association of Standardization) had published the Romanian version of the standard EN 16114.

Afterwards, SR EN 16114 had been adopted as a standard in October 31st 2011 in Romania and the Romanian version had been launched in March 30th 2012.

Since then a media campaign had been organized by the ambassador of the standard in Romania, Mr. Mihai Svasta, in collaboration with AMCOR’s Manager of Communication.

Articles with the use of the new international standard had appeared in important business magazines from Romania such as: Cariere, Jurnal de Leadership or Calea Europeana. Also an interview with the Romanian ambassador, Mr. Mihai SVASTA, is due to appear at the end of this summer in the business magazine Transilvania Business. In the same time, an article about EN 16114 was presented in the last number of AMCOR’s newsletter which has almost 300 subscribers from different areas of activities: NGO, public authorities, consultancy firms and media.

A presentation of the use of EN 16114 will take place in October 2012, in the event Performance Management Conference in Romania, organized in Sibiu. This will be the meeting place of professionals from Romania, experts in performance management, human resources and directors, managers and entrepreneurs from various departments and industries with interest in performance management.

An information campaign was started by the Romanian ambassador, Mr. Mihai SVASTA, having as a main goal the public authorities in order to present them the objective and applicability of the standard but also its’ benefits among organizations involved in consultancy projects.

As a promoter of professionalism and ethics in the business consultancy market from Romania, AMCOR through the promotion of SR EN 16114, will actively contribute to the implementation of the principles contained in the international standard for a visible improvement of practitioners’ work in management consulting.

For more information on the standard please visit

For more information on the use of EN16114 in Romania please contact Alexandra Pusca -

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