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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Update from IMC Australia - Australian Consultant magazine

The Australian Consultant Winter 2012 edition  covers a range of exciting topics such as:

Gender Diversity in Innovation and Technology Industries. The picture emerging in this article closely mirrors what has been happening in the Management Consulting profession.

Colin Coverdale has written an excellent synopsis of the current economic woes in his major paper Steering the Parallel Economy – Time for a hard look at the navigators?  Fortunately, the article takes time out for a giggle or two. 

A new contributor to this Journal is James Mason who has served up some suggestions for consultants in Six Ways to Grow Your Business in Volatile Markets.

Fresh from overseas, Sam Durland presents an article encouraging participation in overseas aid projects by consultants through International Development Consulting: Governance.

Ken Huxley from Queensland University of Technology, a member of the Qld Chapter Committee and a past recipient of an IMC Academic Award has produced an academic paper on Strategic Talent Management – A Contemporary HRM Issue that reviews the current state of play in this area of consulting.

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