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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

In what way can each of our Institutes of Management Consultancy be successful in increasing their membership numbers in this day and age and climate?  This seems to be the main topic driving the current agenda of most of the Boards of our IMCs.

In our Annual meeting in Orlando we felt the increasing pressure coming from our members, seeking our support to them in managing this priority, capitalising on the benefits of, and added value from, their membership in ICMCI, access to the networks provided by all of the IMCs, and thanks to the value produced from all of us at global level.

In designing the Breakthrough Strategy, ICMCI has assumed this as its priority.  With the series of BS projects now ready to start, we will share the outcomes in terms of tangible value and services to our members, making them able, at national level, to increase their offerings, attractiveness and value to their own national community of Management Consultants.

In 2013, within our global activity, ICMCI will start the following pilot projects:

  • Greenhouse IMC: this is a virtual ‘branch’ of the ICMCI. It will act as a normal IMC for all consultants who don’t have a functioning IMC in their own country.

The Greenhouse IMC will be able to support, in countries where no IMC yet exists, local management consultants to:
(a) set up a national Association of Management Consultants,
(b) achieve CMC Certification,
(c) design and manage training programmes for management consultants,
(d)share at national level the value and services already designed and managed by ICMCI at global level.  
In managing this project ICMCI will benefit from the knowledge and talents also provided by the national IMCs in all regions of the world.  This represents an excellent opportunity to open our doors and manage projects together, sharing value and opportunities between countries as well as from global to national level.

  • CMC International: This is an international club for CMCs with high level of international experience, who are already members of their national Association, who work mainly on international projects or who manage projects for their clients in approaching international markets.  For these professionals ICMCI can provide an international accreditation related with their professional profile as well as a list of services useful to them in their professional activity.  Based on their national membership of an IMC, they have an opportunity, if they so wish, to ask for this global membership directly provided by ICMCI, on the basis of an initial introduction from the local IMC.  This is an excellent opportunity for ICMCI to work together with each IMC at national level in promoting this opportunity for their CMCs.


  • Accredited Management Consultancy Course: ICMCI is ready to endorse academic courses in management consulting, leading to mutually beneficial links between ICMCI, Academic Institutes and the local IMC.  We have already designed an international accreditation scheme that will be used at global level.  A global list of Accredited Management Consultancy Courses will be published on the ICMCI web site.  A strong partnership between ICMCI and the local IMC will be needed in order to promote and manage, in each country, this high value service, which will be the unique and most prestigious international accreditation for Management Consultancy courses.


  • ICMCI International Conference: Together with IMC Lithuania, ICMCI is to organise an international conference in Vilnius during the first week of July 2013.  The conference will be focused on new scenarios and concrete perspectives within the Management Consulting Industry.  It will be also an excellent opportunity for ICMCI and for all of our IMCs to be linked with key representatives of International Institutions and Financial Organisations, who are being approached as Conference speakers and participants.  We will also facilitate networking between CMCs in order to explore new links and business opportunities to be managed together.  We need the strong support of our members to advertise and promote this event in each country.  This is a concrete way to promote our brands and increase the awareness of the CMC brand among our stakeholders.

This is, in short term, what ICMCI is putting on the table in order provide our members with new products and services.  We will directly approach chairs and trustees of each IMC soon in order to introduce and explore these plans in more detail and gain IMC buy-in.  Based on the above list of projects and together with each IMC this is how ICMCI plans to design and manage for the future; in doing this we will build on our well tested network and draw on the large reservoir of shared tacit knowledge and trust.

Let’s go and start this new journey together.

Francesco D’Aprile
Chair of ICMCI

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