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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Constantinus Award Gala 2012


In the course of the 2012 ICMCI Biennial Congress in Orlando the second Constantinus International Award was bestowed.

Six countries participated in this award (Austria, China, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, and Slovenia). Each country had the opportunity to nominate up to three projects. The outcome was a total of 14 national “best practice”-projects from all over the world submitted to the Constantinus International Award. Those projects were then presented to an international jury of professionals in the branch. This jury had the difficult task of evaluating these excellent projects and choosing “the best of the best”. After a three-week-evaluation period, the winners were determined.

The gold medal and the three silver medals of the Constantinus International Award 2012 go to…


Company:     Creuna
Country:     Norway
Project:     Trafikanten. Designing Trafikanten’s portal for all platforms, web and mobile.
Client:     Trafikanten AS (now a part of Ruter AS)

Digital changes our entire society and the way we live and work. New technology enables new forms of communication and changes social patterns for interaction. Trafikanten saw this as an opportunity to improve on their service to the public transportation in the greater Oslo area in Norway. Creuna was engaged to develop the strategy, concept and design for the new Trafikanten exists to provide relevant and updated information to 1.2 million people in the Greater Oslo area using public transport. Their goal is to double their market share through several strategies, one of them being a sensible and good use of IT and mobile solutions. With the help of Internet and smartphones the goal is to make public transport the preferred choice of travel. Creuna tailored a new solution integrating Trafikanten’s travel planner, map solutions, real-time and deviation information. is now one of Norway’s biggest websites with 90,000 daily users.

The first silver medal of the Constantinus International Award 2012 goes to…

Company:     Square Peg International
Country:     Great Britain
Project:     Launching Avios – Square Peg’s support for the transition of Airmilesto Avios
Client:     Avios

This high impact project involved a complete rethinking of all aspects of the Airmiles business, resulting in the launch of a new brand and the re-platforming of all core functions. Square Peg were change consulting partners at all stages of the transformation. Since 1988 Airmiles had existed as a loyalty scheme channel for unsold British Airways (BA) airline seats. The challenge was to transform the organisation from a single-market, BA subsidiary to an independent, global loyalty business with a reward currency available to BA, Iberia and IAG’s strategic partners’ frequent flyers/buyers. Working with the MD and his team with very aggressive timelines, our brief was to ensure that Avios leaders, employees, and contractors were ‘ready willing and able to successfully switch to the new operating environment’. The work fell into two main categories:
1. Strategy - Defining the future, crafting strategy, building plans, preparing for change
2. Implementation – Building and launching Avios

The second silver medal of the Constantinus International Award 2012 goes to…

Company:     Gender consulting
Project:     Gender balance
Country:     Norway

The program contains selection, career movement, individual-group- and relation
coaching as well as sociological theory of leadership and gender. The participants were
selected to secure motivation to change. Female Talents were matched to male and
female experienced leaders called Agent. Talent/Agent pairs had regular coaching
sessions. In addition, Talents had to attend nine seminar days during which they had to perform hard in order to qualify themselves to take more responsibility in higher
positions. They were on a stage in a London theatre, discussing career with a female
business partner from JP Morgan and performed strategic thinking through a top
management role play. The Talents increased their responsibilities and the Agents
reported change in how they communicated. Talents delivered a report describing how
innovation increases their organization’s income. The program’s intention was to
internalize business codes. These codes were revealed through research presented to the Talents.

The third silver medal of the Constantinus International Award 2012 goes to…

Company:     more&g e-Health GmbH
Project:     Guideline based cancer follow-up in the 21st century:
A softwaresupported approach.
Client:     Danube Clinics Tulln, Public Community Hospital
Country:     Austria

Doctors and computer linguists have developed a software system based on the
guidelines for follow-up as published by the Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology
(ASSO). The system automatically reminds patients of upcoming appointed days of follow-up with SMS, email, or letter, depending on the patient´s preferences. At the very same time it advises the “partners” on the exams that have to be performed according to the guidelines of the Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology (ASSO).
This increases the patient's compliance, reduces the number of missed relapses, and
improves the variance of care. Recurrent, metastatic, or metachronous secondary
disease is detected at the earliest possible moment when there is still an option for
successful treatment.
The family doctors also use the M.E.M.O.R.E.S system to accompany cancer patients during their follow-up. Outsourcing of follow-up-examinations means a relief of work to the outpatient clinics and helps with lowering the hospital costs.

At the festive gala ceremony Mr. Dr. Francesco d´Aprile (Chair of ICMCI) highlighted the importance of quality and professionalism in management consultancy as well as the CMC - “Certified Management Consultant” designation as an indication of high international consulting standard. Mr. Dr. Drumm McNaughton (Secretary ICMCI, organizer and moderator of this event) was very proud of the international cooperation, and Mrs. Dr. Ilse Ennsfellner (Vice Chair ICMCI und supporter of this event) pointed up that the Constantinus International Award got a high priority in the consulting profession during his short existence.

The winners’ projects show how important innovative consulting know-how is for sustainable growth and economic revival. Mr. Robert Clark (Director Business Development, Public Safety & Homeland Security Frequentis USA Inc.) handed over the trophy and said: “The world is better served because of the dedication to excellence that you all share.”

These outstanding projects submitted to the Constantinus International Award - presented to an international jury of professionals in the branch - demonstrate that the services and know-how provided by management consultants all around the world deserve international reputation and attention. Therefore, we are looking forward to the next Constantinus International Award and invite the management consulting professionals worldwide cordially to participate in this great project.

You may find photos of this event below and on the website of Constantinus International Award

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