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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

Opening our doors

There is an impressive array of interesting and stimulating international events in the Management Consultancy environment where ICMCI and its members are playing a leadership role.

After achieving the result of publishing a European standard on Management Consultancy, the EN 16114 standard, at end of January, through the UNI – The Italian standardization Board, ICMCI has launched a formal proposal to all National Standardization Boards in order to design an ISO Standard in Management Consultancy. The aim of a standard is to improve transparency and understanding between clients and management consultancy service providers (MCSPs).

On February 7 there was an important regional conference in Moscow hosted by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and organized by the Russian Institute of Certified Management Consultants, focused on how the internal dynamics of Russian Companies affect their competiveness.

On April 25-27 the Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand is organizing the Asian Pacific Hub meeting in Bangkok, with a conference focused on the dialogue between Public and Financial Institutions, Companies and Management Consultants.
On July 3-4 in Vilnius (Lithuania) ICMCI, together with the Association of Management Consultants of Lithuania, is organizing an International Conference with speakers coming from all continents to discuss “West and East in Change. Will Management Consultants Facilitate it”.

On Sept 24-25 in Johannesburg ICMCI, together with the Institute of Management Consultant of South Africa, is organizing a prestigious Conference focused on how what is growing in Africa could open new perspective for our profession and in general for the Management Consulting Industry. This conference will be related with the Biannual Congress of ICMCI.

On Oct 20-22 in Las Vegas the Institute of Management Consultants USA is organizing the 2013GROW! Conference focused on topics including ethics, marketing, social media and others critical to the success of consultants.

If you investigate what is happening in your own country, I am sure you will find a prestigious event organized by your National Association of Management Consultants focused on key and innovative issues related with our profession and growth of the local economy. All over the world Management Consultants are tackling something new in designing their business and in providing value for their client organizations. In order to achieve this result, they are opening their doors, they are creating new and stronger relationship with their stakeholders, being aware that we can be effective only by working together with them.

Are they only reacting to changes in the global and local economy or are they proactively interacting with those changes? I think today this differentiates and sets apart players who are merely following the events and players who are driving the changes.

In the past, Total Quality Management and Business Process Reengineering were two great examples of how our profession designed and managed innovation in order to support global competiveness. Today new challenges are in front of us and managing existing knowledge is no longer the key success factor to compete.

This is why today, what management consultants are doing, opening their doors, interacting with Institutions, Financial organizations, Clients etc, in order to design what can really help and innovate is an excellent way to live and breathe our challenge.

Sometimes in the past, when the value proposition of the Management Consulting Industry was quite weak, most of the efforts were mainly addressed to creating lobbies with key players. Everybody is aware of the achieved results in terms of business and reputation.

Today opening our doors, sitting together with our stakeholders and discovering the ‘new’, we are co-leading this new processes, co-discovering new perspectives, co-creating and co-implementing new solutions.

The era of lobbies is past; now we live our challenges co-leading the new.

Francesco D’Aprile
Chair of ICMCI

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