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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Benefits of becoming a CMC

Benefits for clients

The CMC is the gold standard for excellence of a management consultant. In selecting management consultants, clients are well advised to seek individuals who meet the profession's own standards of competence, ethics, and independence. Institute certification is a valuable aid in this quest. It is the gold standard for excellence among management consultants.

The qualification as a CMC ensures that the consultant meets high standards of performance, experience and ethics. CMCs are knowledgeable, skilful, competent, and trustworthy. Their performance is monitored by their institute on a regular basis to ensure a mature management consulting performance, while the requirement to undertake continuing professional development secures fundamental and up-to-date knowledge. These factors facilitate the selection and evaluation of management consultants when appointing them.

Benefits for consultants

The CMC is a qualification that is recognised in ICMCI member countries and is therefore internationally portable. It provides lasting formal recognition of training, development and experience, and encourages the discipline of continued professional development. Not only should it be attractive to clients who want to engage a management consultant; it should also contribute to the attraction of being employed as a professional within a consulting practice.

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