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ACP 2013

The Accredited Consulting Practice (ACP) scheme is operated through the member institutes of the ICMCI. It is aimed at those consulting practices that recruit, select, train, develop and assess the competence of consultants who on joining were not yet at the CMC standard.

Member institutes can award the status ACP to any management consultancy practice which has demonstrated to the institute, by undergoing a systematic audit, that its professional standards for the training, development and assessment of its consultants, and the internal systems which assure these, are of at least the same level and rigour as those required for the ICMCI CMC standard. The continued conformance of the practice is monitored by periodic checks.

These standards and the process by which they are assessed are embodied in the ACP standards.

Practices awarded the designation are consequently accredited to propose candidates from their practice to the national institute for award of the CMC; and in recognition of the standards demonstrated by the practice, these candidates will be subject to more limited scrutiny, examination and checks than are required of other candidates.

It is stressed that the CMC can only be awarded by the member institute; the ACP can only make a recommendation (with supporting evidence) that the candidate has reached the agreed milestone achievement level.

The ACP scheme provides a unique opportunity for a consulting firm as there is no other such assessment available that is authoritative, independent and confidential. It provides a means for member institutes to engage with substantial consulting firms so that they can enable their staff to proceed to obtaining the CMC.

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