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AMCC 2013

The purpose of the ICMCI Accredited Management Consultancy Course (AMCC) is to provide Accredited Providers (both Higher Education institutions and commercial Training Providers) with a globally recognised endorsement that will allow their prospective clients seeking qualifications, courses and /or training in areas of Management Consultancy to have a level of assurance in the courses being offered.

A number of member IMCs already have accreditation schemes for training providers or courses. The AMCC offers the opportunity to extend this recognition internationally. Those IMCs that do not have a scheme of this nature already may want to adopt the ICMCI scheme as a basis for both national and international recognition.

The process is simple:

  1. The IMC gets approval from the ICMCI for its scheme.
  2. The IMC can then assess Providers and award AMCC to those courses that meet the requirements.

Note that AMCC is awarded to specific courses – not to a training provider or the students who attend a course.

Standards for the AMCC are derived from a combination of the ICMCI Competence Framework, ISO 17011 and ISO 17024. National IMCs will ensure that the Accredited Providers delivering an AMCC maintain these standards. ICMCI will embed reviews of the monitoring of these standards as part of the triennial IMC assessment. Thus only full members of ICMCI will be eligible to participate in the AMCC.

Accredited Providers who are successful in achieving the AMCC will be added to a global AMCC register maintained by the ICMCI and will be entitled to use the ICMCI logo with AMCC in their promotional materials for the specified course(s). National IMCs may wish to develop unique partnering arrangements with approved AMCCs to develop education and training programmes that mutually promote the achievement of the CMC competencies as well as the CMC designation.

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