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Benefits and Promotion of the ACP Scheme

The ICMCI has developed global standards for the competence and professionalism of management consultants which are accepted by its member institutes, which currently operate in around 50 countries. These standards are embodied in the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) qualification; consultants who have this qualification are deemed to have achieved high levels of consultant competences and professionalism to a consistent standard recognised all over the world. This is unique compared with any other profession.

Demonstrating professional standards for management consultants to a high, international standard is in the interest of consulting practices, individual consultants and institutes of consultants and practices. It enables the consulting sector to address challenges that are similar in countries around the world:

  • Clients want assurance that the consultants they hire are competent and professional. Consultants who are CMC-qualified can demonstrate that they have met high standards in this respect, certified by an independent third party.
  • CMCs are required to belong to their national institute, which will have an approved code of conduct. CMCs are required to adhere to this code, and clients can therefore be assured that their consultants will behave according to strict ethical guidelines.
  • The CMC is a competence-based qualification and its retention requires consultants to engage in continuing professional development. Clients can be assured therefore that CMC-qualified consultants keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

The Accredited Consulting Practices scheme allows a practice to be recognised for its recruitment, training and development, as well as its operating standards, as being of a standard consistent with those for an individual CMC.

Benefits of the scheme

Promoting the ACP scheme

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