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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

A message from the Executive Director

Dear Meridian Readers,


I had already addressed our community with a letter introducing myself, now I would like to write to you all to share my gratitude regarding what I felt during the past two months.


I would firstly wish to establish my belief that all involved with the ICMCI are professionals who are passionate about our mission and our profession, and that all have the same shared vision for the profession and its professionals. We all believe that our network is the only one worldwide, and its existence is a reward to each and every one of us, as it is a mark of achievement at both personal and professional levels.


My role is to take that achievement and manage its rough edges, building on its strong foundations, and adding many success stories!


Most of the rough edges have been identified by all, and are being addressed through various task forces and committees; and reporting back at the upcoming congress in Johannesburg will highlight those and provide solutions.


The strong foundation is our belief and our commitment, and this is where I show my gratitude and offer my thanks; the number of involved and committed people puts me in awe of the true shared value amongst the dedicated trustees and volunteers. The effort invested in the day to day work, the involvement in elevating our existence and our profession to the next level, and the shared vision and understanding, make it all seem easy and accessible.


As for the stories, those will evolve from the successes we already celebrated in our 25th anniversary to the new stories we will write together to mark our next 25 years.


I thank you for your support, and I know that we will continue working together to meet the needs of our network’s existence through cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.


Thank you all.

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