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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Benefits of the AMCC Scheme

The main benefits of the AMCC scheme are:

  1. To Accredited Providers, to increase the attractiveness of their courses through their international recognition.
  2. To participants in these courses, knowing that these courses are internationally accredited.
  3. To IMCs with existing training accreditation schemes, to enhance the attractiveness of their schemes. These IMCs would need to show that their own schemes met the requirements of the AMCC scheme.
  4. To IMCs without an existing scheme, offering them a model scheme that they can adopt which meets the ICMCI requirements. (Of course, some IMCs with existing schemes may also wish to offer the AMCC as an additional scheme rather than adapting their own to comply with the ICMCI requirements).

The ICMCI offers Accredited Providers:

  • Permission to use the ICMCI AMCC logo in relation to the specified endorsed course
  • Listing on the ICMCI website
  • Inclusion in the circulation of ICMCI documents
  • Invitations to appropriate ICMCI events
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas with other AMCC providers
  • Scope to share and resource work on an international basis


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