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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Meridian- Congress Edition

Dear Friends and Meridian Readers


Herewith a special edition of Meridian – focusing on the annual congress of the ICMCI which takes place between 25 and 28 September in Johannesburg, and hosted by our friends in the Institute of Management Consultants of South Africa.


At the end of my two year mandate as Chair of the ICMCI, together with our ExCom members I feel the absolute need to share with you the outcomes of our work over these two years.


Rather than just relying on the written word, and to accompany the formal ExCom report on our activities, here are short video presentations from the ExCom team and project leads, explaining what has been done at first hand.


I hope that you see from this that, across the various Breakthrough strategies pursued by ICMCI over the past 2-3 years, we now have tangible outcomes and the beginnings of many success stories - to take ICMCI and its IMCs onto a different footing in the years ahead, and bringing benefits to all national IMCs, their members and associated partners.


See you in Johannesburg !


Francesco D’Aprile

Chair of ICMCI 2011-2013



   Presentation - Francesco D’Aprile, Chair


   About Finance - Sorin Caian,  Treasurer


   International Conference - Robert Wagenaar, Vice Chair


   Academic Fellow - Mike Thompson, Project Chair


    AMCC Course - Calvert Markham, Vice Chair


    GIMC - Tim Millar, Vice Chair

    CMC Firm - Richard Harris & Genevieve Bonin

    Project Co-chairs

    ED Recruitment - Tim Millar, Vice Chair


    Introduction - Reema Nasser, Executive Director

Welcome to the Report of the Executive Committee


Next week's Congress in Johannesburg is a major milestone event for the ICMCI – one in which we look back at the achievements over the past 2 years and, most importantly, review the significant developments across the key initiatives that make up our Breakthrough strategy, and that are opening up a bright future.


Many members have been involved in these developments first hand – on project groups, the ExCom, at Hub meetings and at last year’s Trustees’ meeting – so this is a great team effort.

As well as Breakthrough, our activities over the past 2 years have brought benefits including developments with the CMC, and closer connections between member institutes through lively online debates.


The initiatives now coming to fruition stand us in good stead for the handover to the new ExCom.  I urge you to read about all of these achievements in this ExCom report for 2011/2013.


And we seek your feedback on those achievements – how will you seek to take these into your own IMC?  how can they help us forge wider partnerships and working relationships with other external players; and whom we can talk to and influence?

Let this be the start of a new era of communications and engagement between the ICMCI, national institutes and their partners.


Reema Nasser

Executive Director


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