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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

Opening Remarks



I feel humbled and privileged to write my first note to you as Chair of ICMCI through the Meridian.


Firstly, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to Francesco D’Aprile for his service as the previous Chair, and for his ongoing support as immediate past Chair for the new EXCOM.  Also we have to thank others who have completed their three or more terms on EXCOM – Calvert Markham, Charles Liu, Aneeta Madhok, Ilse Ennsfellner & Rob Wagenaar – those who were present received a small gift and certificates of appreciation at the Johannesburg Conference in September.  In addition several who served one term, Richard Harris, Drumm McNaughton and Anton Florijan Barisic  - our joint and further thanks to all for their voluntary time and effort.


Secondly, I’d like to thank Angelo Keyahas and the entire IMC South Africa for hosting one of the most enjoyable congress meetings of recent times in Johannesburg.  Our hosts chose an amazing venue and the catering was the best I’d had at any conference let alone ICMCI Congresses which allowed for us all to concentrate and develop strong plans and resolutions for ICMCI going forward.


Finally, welcome to the new EXCOM – Dwight Milhalicz (Treasurer), Brian Ing (Secretary) and Elena Yuzkova, Rob Bodenstein, Sorin Caian, Sak Hutanuwat & Kim Karne (as Vice Presidents).  Of course all supported by our new Executive Director Reema Nasser, who also should be thanked for her efforts in preparing for the Johannesburg Congress.


The Future


Upon being elected the new EXCOM immediately set its sights on developing a Strategic Plan and conducted much of it in preparation for the Congress meeting, where it was further developed through the assistance of the Trustees present.  Now about 80% complete, the plan will be further refined by EXCOM and issued to all Trustees for feedback and input in the next month or two.


So where to from here?   Firstly I believe we can all say Breakthrough Strategy and its associated levy are in their final stages albeit that the funds are mostly collected however the expenditure is still occurring over the next 12 months particularly in alignment to the role and responsibilities of the Executive Director, and Reema’s ability to ensure financial sustainability of her role and ICMCI’s base funding requirements thereafter – which in its self is also a key outcome of Breakthrough.


Supporting the future is other outcomes relating to the Strategy which are; the execution and roll out now of the Greenhouse IMC, hosted by CMC Canada during its formation and trial; The launch of the Large Firm Initiative, having secured one large firm in China (Hejun Consulting); the tools of ACP and AMCC, which are designed to be revenue raisers for both ICMCI and our IMC members; and finally the launch and execution of the International Conference – this year held in Vilnius, I am sure all those who attended will agree an excellent initiative.


However our future now is to target growth while meeting the needs of our valued stakeholders. Growth through targeting countries in regions where we are poorly or under represented, to increase our number of CMCs globally and to see GIMC gain members and train CMCs in countries where we have no representation by membership. Simultaneously we need to be sure to deliver value to our member IMCs, value to the CMCs and to our broader stakeholders and connections.


To achieve this we plan to; finalize the Strategic Plan 2013-2018; refine and prioritize our activities against limited resources; ensure open and transparent governance, reporting and execution; and, importantly diversify our income streams. Additionally to give broader assistance to our IMC members to increase their membership numbers and specifically their CMCs and indeed assistance to our CMCs by increasing the Professional Standing of the CMC brand and their related channels to increased consulting revenues.


Finally, I believe its time for all IMCs to unite under a common brand.  To utilize the strength of our 47 country members as a whole and see the CMC brand championed across the globe.  In time my vision would be for all IMCs to use the CMC logo with their country name instead of the 47 various titles we have currently across the globe.  However as a first step and as a first sign of global brand unity we have put a resolution to the Trustees in Johannesburg for all countries to start using a pull through or by line under their existing names/logo to the same affect and we as ICMCI will lead the way in adopting the change.


I hope we will see a stronger profession and ICMCI as a whole in the ensuing years and welcome your feedback and suggestions.




Tim Millar


28 October 2013








Breaking News


After reviewing and evaluating in detail several excellent submissions for Secretariat, we are pleased to announce that MoS has won the contract to once again support ICMCI. 

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