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2014 Conference and Annual Meeting in Seoul, Korea

IMC Korea is pleased to announce that this year, 2014 ICMCI Conference & Annual Meeting will take place in Seoul, Korea on Monday 22 through Saturday 27 September, 2014.

The event in Korea will become the first combined big event of ICMCI Conference and Annual Meeting to be simultaneously held in the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally.

The Asia-Pacific area encompasses much of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, having an aggregate population of over 2.2 billion people. This market includes over fifty countries of developed and well as emerging markets which have recently experienced rapid economic growth.

Seoul is the capital and largest city of Korea, which occupies the southern portion of the Korean peninsula and whose land area is about 100,210㎢, situated as the prime geographical hub in the region. Korea is the world 8th largest economy with its annual trading volume exceeding U$1trillion. Korea continues stimulating the nation's growth engines by upgrading industrial structure, which includes over 400 thousand large companies and small and medium enterprises. In particular, Korea aims to further develop the components and as well as knowledge-based service sectors.

Under the topic of "Consulting practices in Asia-Pacific: New Developments and Opportunities", the combined event will focus mainly on the typical consulting practices in the Asia Pacific markets, covering, amongst others, relevant markets, major industries, challenges, roles and qualifications, cases and solutions, and future business opportunities, along with their insights and best practices in the advanced consulting markets.

We plan to invite a few prominent keynote speakers and a total of not more than 300 consulting delegates who are currently active in the markets represented by the ICMCI hub countries, Asia-Pacific, and Korea.


  • 22-23 September, 2014:   ICMCI Conference
  • 24-27 September, 2014:   Annual Meeting
    For information on the Conference & Annual meeting agenda, please click here.
  • 27-29 September, 2014:   Post Meeting Tour


You may enjoy luxurious as well as you may also enjoy the convenience of public transportation.There are lots of shopping centers around. The convention center at Ramada Seoul Hotel with its international standard and reputation will make your special day unforgettable in Seoul, Korea.

Ramada Hotel 410, Bongeunsa-ro(Samgsung-dong)
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-874, Korea

*Note: during that period in Korea there are big international events held including 2014 Inchean Asian Games.

We kindly advise to reserve your seat well advance with very attractive Early Bird rates.

Why in Korea?

  • To update on consulting practices in Asia Pacific
  • To be better prepared for future opportunities
  • To seek better solutions in support of customers
  • Very fast growing economy with advanced IT & other industries
  • The 8th Rank of Total World Trade Volume (2012 ~ Present)
  • Great honors to show Korea Fast Development to all ICMCI Members
  • Strategically located connecting East & West
  • Great opportunity to make networks with global ICMCI leaders of Consulting industries
  • Business Trip to Samsung Electrics and more

How to registrate? 
Register here!
Very attractive Early Bird rate by 30th of June, 2014

This international event is also being strongly supported and sponsored by the Korean authorities concerned, major Korean industry leaders, and Korean news media.

We strongly recommend that you book for the Conference & Annual Meeting and start registration for your hotel, to get the benefit of "the very attractive Early Bird discounted rates" and due to the limited availability of hotel rooms specially offered during peak season.

Please keep informed of updates, changes and further progress at:

In addition to the 2014 Conference Annual Meeting, there are multiple activities planned for participants and partners, during the Meeting and afterwards.

Unexpected Heritage DMZ: Most heavily militarized zone in the world. DMZ(Demilitarized zone) is the divided area of 2km between South and North Korea from the present cease-fire line set up according to the cease-fire agreement on the 27th of June 1953. The military demarcation line is 248km in length crossing the Korean peninsula.

Also you can enjoy shopping in various kinds of shopping centers both Korean Traditional Markets and Department Stores.

Please see the attached brochure for the planned events during the event.  


Visa Requirements. 

  •  64 countries are visa exemption

Please check the Korean Immigration Official Web for the visa requirement in details of the following link;

Please visit at for registration.

You are suggested to register early as there are a limited number of hotel rooms at the conference & Annual Meeting special rate.

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul, Korea under the topic of "Consulting practices in Asia-Pacific: New Development and Opportunities".

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